Community moderation

I constantly see the tech support here way behind in keeping up with this BBS. It is a great resource, but with all of the garbage spam posts going on, the message is getting diluted.

A simple solution would lighten the workload of PMQ, and make this a more inviting forum. I certainly didnt come here to see free sex xxx movies clips, or read jibberish titles where the messages are just full of links to cialis, viagra, and 'nuovo-video-porno-ogni-giorno ’ what ever the heck that is.

Making 2-3 members of this community moderators with the power to just nuke this stuff so it doesn’t push people away from this site will completely fix this problem. Is it such a hard thing to put into efect here? I don’t think so.

Anyone else?

I agree 100% and would offer my services to do the same.

Many of the forums I frequent are “self-moderated” with the use of volunteer mods.

I would offer that service as well

I would be willing to be a moderator also.

PMQ - There is an obvious need of a bit of moderation here. We really could use the ‘webmaster’ to step up or some form of community moderation plan in place.

Heck I am on this site daily reading everything possible, I could help as well.

Shoot I just wish I could sign in or have some one help me with the problem. Still no response from the emails I sent.

Hi guys,
I agree that “free sex sites” and other garbage is a hassle, and I am open to volunteer moderators. In fact, we did have a couple of guys who used to help out. I do try to check several times each day to remove SPAM posts and apologize for those that have slipped in and take up space (mainly during the weekends). I will talk with out webmaster about getting some administration passes to issue out. The webmaster is out until Wednesday, so give a a day or so and I will see what I can come up with.

To the guy who said he was having trouble logging in, email me directly at (put “Think Tank Trouble” in the subject line) and let me see what is going on. Provide me with as much info about your previous registration as you can remember and I will get him to try and locate your registraiton in the database and see if we can find your password.

I want to thank everone who has volunteered to help keep this forum as clear and clean as possible and some of you may be hearing from me this week.


Thanks, Tom and if you need more help I would also be willing to volunteer. I read the posts daily too.

Is there a way to block a particular user from posting messages? Like, for instance, curatorsm who seems to be putting just about all of the garbage posts out there lately. If he could be blocked somehow, most of the recent spam would be gone.

Just wondering…

I just deleted those. The web guy is supposed to be letting me know how to ban IP address of specific users too, so hopefully we will have a lot of these guys knocked out by the end of the week, but in many cases, these aren’t actual people…they are ‘bots’ that automatically drop the posts in and either mask or change their IP address each time they drop in to visit. This is why you see the exact same messges, because in most cases, it is a ‘bot’.

I would be willing to offer a small amount of time to moderating the board, I do have experience with this kind of format as it was the format I used on one of my websites. But, I really do think that you guys should set it up to where members only can post. I understand the reasoning behind wanting to keep it open, but really… the only way to prevent this kind of spam is to make it to where members only can post.

Thanks Tom. I’d be willing to help out too. We must preserve and protect this forum.

Just let me know if I can help.

Add my name to the list of the ready,willing, and able.