Community Pizza

I read an article a while back, maybe a couple years ago about a different kind of pizza place. Unfortunately I haven’t saved all my past PMQ magazines. I searched the site with no luck… who knows, I may have seen it somewhere else.

I’m looking for an article on a pizza place I remember being called “community pizza”. Its about a pizza place that basically made a whole bunch of pizza from a limited supply of ingredients or something like that. You would come in and pick up a pizza already made. And when they ran out, that was it for the day.

Does this sound familiar? I may be wrong on the concept or the details… or both.

If this rings a bell, I would appreciate a little direction on where to find the name of the restaurant or title of the article.


This kinda sounds like the cheese board pizza collective in Berkley California. It’s worker owned and operated and they make one pizza type a day

Yes they were featured on the Pizza Show you can find it on YouTube it’s the California episode. Great show btw!