Company Advertising on YOUR Custom Pizza Box?

Any thoughts on this?

I have a big AC Company in town that I’ve been in talks with in an attempt to work on some sort of mutually beneficial advertising campaign.

Currently I use stock pizza boxes from Roma. I threw out the idea of having a custom box made with our logo, phone #, and web address in the middle, and then on the bottom having “Sponsored by …” and then possibly a small coupon by the other company.

The company has a great reputation in town so I have no problem being associated with them. We haven’t worked out the exact details yet, but they’ll be eating a substantial portion of our box prices, to the point where they’ll certainly be less than what we’re paying for our stock boxes.

Ultimately, we’ll be saving money, having custom boxes, and having another company have their advertisement on our box.

Another idea, similar concept, was to have the company throw something small on our menu to help offset the cost of those.

Thoughts? Pros and Cons to this? Would you do it?

We don’t use custom boxes only the stock boxes however we have a company in town that we advertise for. They pay for the fliers we put on our boxes half of the flier has our coupons the other half has their offer we pay nothing at all for this. Our gain they print our coupons for free their gain is they get advertisement onto every pizza we sell.
We don’t do this all the time just once or twice a year. If you know the company is reputable I think it is a great idea. We have to save money where we can these days.

Survey your customers and ask them what they think…

I may be the only one that thinks this way…But to me the idea of seeing some other company’s ads on a pizza box makes me think the pizza place will cut corners anywhere they can…So I perceive this to mean that their product is not top quality…

I can see where you’re coming from on this. My only rebuttal is that I’m not looking to make this into a racecar in NASCAR or something with 1,000 different tiny ads on the box. Just our logo, front and center, web address, phone # and then one clean ad on the bottom of the box for another well respected company in the area.

The cost of creating the plates for custom boxes is substantial. Who is going to eat this cost up front? If it is not the A/C company, what assurance do you have that they will not back out of the deal? My experience is that the places that give us flyers to put on our boxes(a service we do for free for local companies and charities) are generally disappointed with how little(if any) response they get out of it. Most recently, a bowling alley gave me 20,000 cards each a coupon for a free game of bowling. I put these out throughout the late spring and early summer and about 25 were redeemed. I would hate to see the A/C company walk from the deal due to lack of response and have you stuck with the plates that you paid for.

What about getting an advertising relationship going with your printer. Let them get their finished product…ie: your menus and box toppers…etc… and in exchange for free printing you let them include their info and maybe a coupon for all your pizza customers too see. What better way to sell their abilities than to let someone see the end product. :idea:

A agree to an extent with Mike about this. While the bulk of my customers have no use for a commercial printer, there are a few that could use one. I got a number for a printer that I used from a pizza menu in New Jersey. I’m not sure how valuable putting their contact info on my menus would be but there must be some value to it.

There are enough questions on here about custom box printing, you would think that the box printers would do well to include their logo on the custom boxes even if on the bottom of the box. I got a $500 discount on the wrap for my Smart Car by allowing the wrap company to include their logo and phone number in small print.

Personally, I don’t like the idea as I think it appears to cheapen the concept.

However, these are tough times, and its not like the government is going to get any smaller or take less from us. We have to be creative. Pizza places are already doing this and places like The Cheesecake Factory have been doing it for years on their menus. Joint flyers, digital advertising in businesses, web developer info on websites . . .

All this combined advertising lessens the impact of your brand identity. It may just be a question of how much and where is appropriate. The bottom of the box seems fairly harmless.

I just got an order for 11 x 17 tri-fold flyers with pizza on 1 side and chinese food on the other side and a co-op magnet attached…I am sure they will not be as effective as 2 separate pieces but because the cost is about 68% versus going alone, the return does not need to as good…

Hey Pirate just make sure the delivery drivers dont flip the pizza over too show off the new ad on the bottom of the box! :stuck_out_tongue: