Company car?

I THOUGHT I had all the right kind of insurance in place. Non-owned, good general bus. and all that.
But it looks like I goofed when I got a company car, with the intention of having it driven by named employees after a DMV check, etc.
The ins. quoted the first driver as costing as much as the basic policy I got when I bought the thing. Meaning, two drivers - double the price. Three drivers - triple the price. But I may have someone drive it like one shift a week! Or maybe only when I am short one driver-with-car.

Anyone have a policy that covers use like this? Multiple, but occasionaly company car delivery drivers?


Let me get this straight, your ins. agent is quoting you a full policy price per driver for the same car? What we have is this: company car with approved drivers on file. Say everyone we have driving is over 25 with a clean record, we’re paying $1,300/yr (=/-) Now a new driver comes along and we decide he’s worth hiring even though he’s got a speeding ticket on his record. Our rates go up $150/yr.
Basically we are paying one premium that is dictated by the person with the worst driving record. If your ins. company is trying to charge you per driver for one car, I’d be in the market for another insurance carrier.

Mine is the same, I pay for the most expensive driver. Shop around.

My agent didn’t ask for any drivers names just me as the primary

MM - I used to work in insurance, believe me when I say, SHOP AROUND.

I had the same problem that MM is talking about. There is a slim picking of carriers for pizza delivery! Policy for 1 driver was about $4200. Went to $7000 after i added another driver.

We use Progressive.
Tom R