Compare Prices!

Hello All. I was curious as to the actual costs of eating out with everyone and thought I would ask for a comparison as to what I paid Thusday night in town here. Below is a list of what I ordered and what the total bill was. If you would…price out the same and see how the prices compare. Thanks.

16" Sausage - Thin Crust
14" Beef & Pepperoni - Thin Crust
14" Combo - Sausage, Mush, Onion, Olives, Pepperoni, and Green Peppers - Thin Crust
4 Fountain Sodas
2 Pitchers Bud Light - Somewhat Small Pitchers!!!

$74.92 pre-tax

16" Sausage - Thin Crust is the only thing I got to match up with. :frowning:

No fountain drinks, no beer, no 14 inch pizza at my place, but if you ordered three 16" pizzas with those toppings at full price from my place your total would be 36.97 plus .99 for delivery(if delivered) and tax. If I served beer and fountain soda, I can’t imagine I would charge more than $60 for the order at full price. If you wanted a coupon, they would be readily available to discount this order by 10-20%.

I really want the indies to take a look at pricing with this one. I know a few people on here are in resort and seasonal areas and those are unique too their own, but for the rest of the indies I want to share this shop. They have been around for about 16 or 17 years now. Started with one…expanded too 4, closed one after a flood and sold the other two off at different times. All locations were and still are dine-in or carryout. No delivery. I only frequent the original and this is the pricing and business I wanted to comment on. In 17 years I have seen 3 coupons come out of this place. They offer no standing discounts and no toppers, door hangers, and I see their ad in local papers and mags once in a while, as do I hear a radio ad usually when they sponser something in town. The shop is about 1800 sq ft or so. Has seating for about 40-50. On a busy night they run a crew of 6-7…mostly 16-20 year olds. They also always have a line waiting for pickups and if you want to eat there…get there early or late…because it will be full 4-5 nights a week. They make a good pie. You do have good pizza days and the infrequent bad or cooked wrong pie…as everyone does. Nobody’s perfect. Bottom line…talking too the owner… it is a million dollar shop. They are in a town of 100K or so. Have a PJ’s and Papa Murphy’s within sight of the front door and PH, Doms, and Paul Revere’s less than a mile away. Also 3 other restaurants that make pizza in that same 1 mile radius. So they have competition. Still…they are the only one that charge the higher… in my opinion… fair price… at least from a business stance. All without a lot of promotions and discounts. I know there are arguements on both sides that every location is its own and so unique… I make that one myself… but I also believe that if you make a great pie and sell it for a fair price… the customers will come. They will pay a higher price for a better meal. Yes, you will have the hangups and walkouts from those that will only pay $10 for a pie… but when you look at it by the numbers… what do you want? 1000 pizzas a week at $10 or 500 at $20? Gross sales are the same…but net is far better off with the 500 pie number. Don’t be afraid to take the risk with the higher selling price. Let’s push good pizza back to the price range it should be in and leave the real garbage pies for the PH, PJ, and Dom’s lovers.

What state was this pizzeria

I rang that up here came to 78.93 very interesting. I as well have no specials no coupons no delivery no advertising cost at all and it works!!

While we don’t sell a 16" pie nor pitchers of beer, I calculated up what our price would most likely be for those and came up with a very similar bill of $70.50 pre-tax. Have you been sneaking around my place Michael? :smiley:

77.82 but we have a 12" not 14…

about $68 here. But our pops and beer are dirt cheap, if we priced them like the rest of the world, our total would be about $78

Dangit Deacon… even with my skinny jeans and Justin Beber haircut… nothing gets by you! :shock:

Using our pizza prices and fountain plus pither pricing from a local place I go to (we do not serve beer) I come up with $72.

I do not have a 14" pie but I do have a 16" & 12" my total is 63.00 pretax

Just an observation…and I know this is a pain in the a$$ when comparing with other pizza shops right down the street… but it is interesting the size differences out there. I grew up in Chicago and 16" was always a large pie but only thin crust. If you ordered a deep dish…aka the real Chicago style…not a stuffed wannabe… it would always be 14" and even though some offered different sizes for deep… a lot had 14" or nothing. Back to thin… it was 12" 14" and 16" for the s/m/l… and then in the late 80’s or so…the 18" or 20" party size showed up and the personal pan options.