competition almost done( i hope )

well been grindin it out all summer waiting for this my comp parking lot has been empty almost everyday this month word is there about to close doors heck they changed there hours to close at 6:00 pm during the week dont wish bad on anyone but they truly deseve it. were coming along pretty good on new shop alot of 12 hour day building it all myself cant wait for bigger kitchen and dine in seating lot of buzz around town about new shop and lot of custemers stopping to check it out. sorry to ramble but just kinda excited and delerious :roll:

I thought you just opened there too…
2 new pizza places there at the same time ?
who’s the competion /

there a sit down diner type that started doing pizza when i did there done doing pizza they had a pizza last week thrown at there front door it truly is awful they have horrible food , even worse service ,

ill be in ur situation in about a month or 2 , hoping he doesnt hurt me 2 bad

that may not be a bad thing.
Subway near me came out with an 8" pizza that was bad, just drove business our way,
they got smart and dropped it, I wish they still had it, great comparison,