Competition Name Change

My main competitor is going to be changing there name and opening under the name of another small local franchise. What would you do in this situation? I don’t know if I should start a heavy ad campaign or just wait it out.

This is a perfect time put together a business differentiating market plan.

Without setting your business out from the rest, your just another pizzeria. You can take this opportunity to separate yourself from the franchise. No that the competition is part of a franchise they are bound by the marketing and business mentality that is dictated to them from the head office. You are not. His hands are tied and you can do what you think is best for your business.

Here is a few links that I hope help.
Site 1
Site 2

I know how you feel. I have chains all around me.
I stood my ground, make quality pizza, and work hard on training.

I generate a good deal of revenue from school orders. Not a ton of profit on the school sales, but a ton from the spin off of marketing to kids and school faculty.

I went after the chains on school orders by matching the price, but don’t charge for delivery, will deliver to all events, and stay at the event until their needs are met at the event.

You will need to become very much a part of the town and show that in your advertising. Time to be creative.