Competition returning!

I need a little advice here. I took over my struggling delco in December after working there for 15 years. One of my major competitors closed their doors in January. Since taking over I have started doing direct mail, did a Groupon-like campaign and other misc things. I have brought sales up from weekly average of about 4000 to over 5600. I just found out this other place is reopening July 1st. They are a full service with pickup, delivery, maybe 60 seats, and a bar and have a pretty big following. Actually, some of you may have heard of them if you watch Diners, Drive-ins and dives. The place is called Pizza Junction. What is the best way to limit loss of customers and sales to them. I was thinking of maybe doing a big customer appreciation day at the end of June to stunt their re-grand opening but not sure the best way to go about this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Make sure your serving the best possible product you can and hit the advertising hard. Whatever you do dont devalue your product.

Depending on your community, FLAG DAY June 14 has potential for a big celebration . . . Making a big noise is a one off with maybe a 3 week life on any bump you get. Make sure you have a consistent and regular message going out to the market so you stay “top of mind”. Vary the way you get your word out, but make is consistent and a rolling campaign that doesn’t end. Flyers, box toppers, road signs, banners, door hangers, email messages, tweets, radio ads, tv ads, whatever you have available, use it and roll them through in some fashion whatever ones you have and choose to do.

Isn’t that the place where the owner ran his Jeep into another pizza place’s sign??

Yes, you are correct but it was the owners son who I just found out is now the person that is reopening with partners. I am not sure how great an idea that is for them seeing he was the manager before and ran them into tax trouble and vendor trouble. I think that I am probably not going to do any kind of event. Just keep things going the way they have and continue to give great customer service.

We currently use box toppers, door hangers, email messages, facebook, and mailshark for direct mailing menus and new movers. The funniest part about them reopening July 1st is I have already planned to go away that week and that is 1 of the 2 weeks of the year mailshark is not going out.

A great news update! They are not re-opening. The financial partners backed out. They are auctioning off the equipment next week. And over the last 2 weeks we had our 2nd and 3rd best week. Just going to stick with what has been working and work on our new sauce recipe. Running ahead of projections for my first year still and hoping to quit my accounting job before the 1 year mark. Tomorrow is 6 months since I took over. :smiley: