Competitions in your delivery area?

Hi guys

In my delivery area i have about 12 pizza places including pizza hut papa johns and dominos. It definelty gets tough. But me and my wife/mom/and sister and drivers try our best to satisfy and have great customer serivce.

A year ago iw as making more money then today. But since last year 3 new places opened across the street from me.

work hard, I had an a-hole move fifty feet from us I am kicking his azz.
he doesnt really get it sunk a lot of money in it and turns it over to highschool kids
2 weeks ago his driver hit someone while delivering, had heard he doesnt have owner coverage…thinking of telling the drivers insurance company, but my wife says it would be bad karma… but thats got to hurt LOL

I have Dominos another local franchise and an independent. have about 12,000 households and looking to take them all!

I have 11 independent pizza shops in my area. According the Jrokks marketshare formula, i have about a 17% share.

I live in a town of about 18k.

We have Papa John’s, Mazzios, Ken’s, Dominos, and Simple Simon’s.

The first attempt in town at a PJ was HORRIBLE. The previous owners didn’t hire right from the start, and they were always late, which killed their delivery chances. Add to that, their hired manager embezzled them out of thousands of dollars in money and materials.

Now that the PJ closed for many months and then got new owners, who owner/operate, the establishment is doing quite well.

I didn’t work with the previous PJ, but hubby did the last 2 weeks it was open.

He said he knew something was wrong when they closed out a $250.00 Saturday night. No, no typo, $250.00 on a Saturday night.

One day, he showed up to work and the doors were locked, no warning, and no answers, either.

I am the only deliver in my town of around 3000, averaging 12 deliveries a day,
other pizza here is a bar that serves a decent pricey pizza, 2 Subways, and another pizza trailer that might open soon…

sounds like I am pretty luck compared to most of ya’ll.
I have not had to advertise as much as I thought to do the business I have mostly due to the limited choices here…

anybody adding take n bake ?
is that a factor ? a chain take n bake in your area ?
I have always done them, insignificant so far
take n bakes bake up good in the RV ovens and I have the Pactiv trays to fit them, the 13.25",
and I am going to offer the 7"…
seems like there is an untapped market there, ie, additional business…delivered take n bake ?

…keep the thread going…competition in your delivery area…


In my town, coincidentally, we did have a Take and Bake store in the building that PJ’s now inhabits.

It was called Figaros.

You had the option to dine in, or “take and bake”.

It failed miserably…it was out in 3 months, IF that.

The pies were already pre-cheesed and appeared thawed. They advertised “fresh” all over the place, so maybe this franchise just pre-prepped a lot of them. I can’t really remember.

Anyway, you ordered, they put on the toppings, and if you took it, then they packaged it up and you went home and baked it.

There was hardly any price savings baking it yourself vs. actually dining out, so it just didn’t seem that well thought out.

They didn’t offer delivery, that I can remember, either, even though it says it’s offered on the website.

I think most people will go get a DiGiorno over TNB, but that is just my response after seeing what this one went through here.

Here’s the link to the TNB that was in my area:

Hi Otis - I’m sure someone will correct me but I’d really think there wouldn’t be enough margin to deliver TnB, unless you were charging a delivery fee on top which funded the full driver cost?

On a separate note:

  1. Someone posted a while ago about a customer who was going to set up across the road, and ripped of his menu virtually word for word/offer for offer - I’ve looked back but can’t find the post - I’d be interested on how that went

  2. j_Rokk - how has the PJ’s impacted your 1st store?

Wizzle, the one with the competition opening across the street was up23. It spanned multiple topics, but heres one.

4,6OO people
7 pizza places,all indy’s

He hasnt opened yet hes working on the store as I speak :frowning: :frowning: Hes had the store since march and was having some town problems they finally okd him to continue. He has about a 1000 sq ft and hes adding seats inside w/ handicap bathroom. He bought the building so hes already dropped alot into the building now he still has to add equipment and new parking lot. By the time hes finished hes going to be 300,000.00 in w/ seating for 15 people…Im strictly takeout and delivery…Well we will see how it goes

In town I’ve got approximately 9,600 addresses with 10 pizza places (including myself). On Ft. Riley there are 3 pizza places which don’t deliver to the 3,500 private addresses and 5,000 barracks located there. Of the 10 places in town, 5 of us deliver to post.


Hey J, can you clarify your post? Is that a total of 9600 addresses or a total of 18100 including the base? Is it 10 TOTAL shops or 13 total shops?

About 18k adresses and 24 shops was more but three went down recently most of the rest are struggling except us.

21,682 addresses with a population of over 46,000.
34 pizza shops listed in the yellow pages that are in my delivery area.

Scott Hack wrote:

Hey J, can you clarify your post? Is that a total of 9600 addresses or a total of 18100 including the base? Is it 10 TOTAL shops or 13 total shops?

Junction City, KS: 9,600 addresses
Ft. Riley, KS: 3,500 address plus 5,000 barracks (usually 2 people per room when post is at full staff).

Total addresses (including Ft. Riley) is 18,100

Junction City, KS pizza shops: 10
Ft. Riley, KS pizza shops: 3

Total number of pizza shops: 13

pizza shops that deliver to Junction City:

  1. Domino’s
  2. Pizza Tyme
  3. Wheat State Pizza
  4. Papa John’s
  5. Gambino’s (which just closed down last week)
  6. Pizza Hut

pizza shops that deliver on post:

  1. Domino’s
  2. Pizza Tyme
  3. Wheat State Pizza
  4. Papa John’s
  5. Gambino’s (which just closed down last week)

Of course, there are 3 chinese food delivery places that deliver on post as well. Also, of the 5,000 barracks, about 60% are vacant due to the war in Iraq.

Hope I clarified things for you,