competitor stole employees

Talk about unethical! A new pizza shop opened this week and tonight 2 of my lead cooks called off about 1 hour before their scheduled time to start. Found out later that they both went to work for the new shop for $1.00/hr. more.

well, I wouldn’t buy pizza from them anymore

From what I’ve heard that’s common practice. Especially with the bigger pizza companies. They come in, flash some money at your employees, then once they’re up and running they get rid of them and hire in some noobs at minimum wage.
Don’t fret too much about it. Nothing you can do about it now. They’ll eventually feel the power of karma.

So why did those employees leave? Was it really the 1 dollar? Most people will stay at a job they like then move to one with more money. Dont get me wrong but maybe you need to look at why they left. It is different if your employees are leaving for a different type of job but if they are moving to the same type and it is only because of money maybe they really were not happy. I would ask them why they left see what they say and ask them to be honest was it really the money and if it was why didnt they come talk to you and let you know what was going on?

I aggree with pizzaguy.

It is a fact that the majority of people rarely leave for dollars alone.

In management studies there is the Herzberg management theory model that shows if the “hygenes” ( work enviroment, motivational levels, etc ) which make people feel good about working where they are in place that money will not be the sole motivator for leaving.

If staff are happy it is because they feel that they are recognised and valued for what they do, have open 2 way communication and feedback with management, they are treated as integeral team members and enjoy what they are doing.

To a lot of people money is not the sole motivator for job satisfaction. If the above pointers (and I know I have missed some - years ago I did my management qualifications) are not there then they will soon become disillusioned and no amount of money will make them happy in their job.

It is a fine line to balance between adequately paying someone and having the motivational hygenes in place. Sometimes incentives such as “Employee of the month, quarter or year”, performance targets, or any other plan or activity can be the catalyst for improving performance, morale and long term tenure.

Just recently we hit $10K for a week for the first time. We knew we were close so everyone pushed hard for that every bit extra sale (really they were doing their job) and we hit the mark. I wrote a letter to them saying we had never reached a certain sales level before but due to their efforts we made it. I particularly praised my manager in the letter as it was his final pushing on the last day (my day off) that got us their. He drove them to perform over and above.

The staff all got a movie ticket (manager and manager in training got two) stapled to the letter. They were so excited more with the recognition that the actual ticket. They were made to feel special and had ownership in our results. It only cost me $200. The thing is that even if I gave them 5 or 10 tickets they would have felt the same.

I would suggest that these guys didn’t just leave for the money.

If I could also suggest to you and any other reader that if you haven’t had any formal management / staff development training that you either enroll in a course or get as much literature (written or audio)from the library and read up on how to hire, train and develop, motivate, and retain staff. The costs of time and money will be rewarded multi times over as you find staff will be more responsive, stay longer and perform better which in turn will equal more sales and profits for you.

I have said in many posts I don’t know everything about pizzas, but in this case I do know from 20+ years in sales management that what I learned I put in practice and had staff with me for 15 years, achieved great results and all this in companies that were far from the best payers in the industry we were in.


Dave, you struck a memory in me from 12 years ago when a motivational speaker raelly hit home with his model. He cites 3 main needs in people: the need to be valued/belong, the need to contribute and the need to be loved. Giving people a chance to be part of a group, make a real contribution, and showing appreciation for that contribution goes a long way ot making people satisfied on a very fundamental level.

Also, we just this month had our second highest gross sales month, and we decided to give cash bonuses. Being that we were closed several months, it was the weekend, and we had a huge Saturday to set the scene. It cost us only $240 for all 5 employees, and they all seemed very appreciative. Gift cards or movie tickets would have been not as good for these guys today . . . they have bills to pay right now. Movies will be later :wink:

I understand your situation and agree entirely.

It’s not the cost, it’s the doing that they appreciate and it’s why they stayed with you for the 7 months downtime.

And the movies will be in your back room ??? :lol:


I have noticed the above point regarding money not being the only motivational factor. You will receive a great big smile and I love you boss when you give cash but shortly everything goes back to normal until
the next reward.

Its much more difficult to train from scractch than just offer the extra $1.
Attach a new duty or next level to acheive before offering an increase and the reward will be sweeter as it has been worked for.

This might not be nice but if your on talking terms with your ex-staff then say if money was the issue you would have paid them more. Get them to come back, hire more staff get them fully trained and all the while remember the rats that abandoned you for silver and get shot of them when YOU want as they werent as loyal to you as you wanted. Its difficult but you have the bigger picture in your mind, as they whoever laughs last laughs loudest.

All of these points are good, but sometimes it can be something completely out of your control: An opportunity for advancement. I have interviewed countless managerial candidates who gave that as their sole reason for leaving a job that they loved with a small company.

And don’t worry: the Karma thing is right, too. A number of years back, a PJ’s opened down the road, and my manager and her crew walked in mid-shift, all except for 2 employees. One left, but gave his notice, and the other stayed. The one that left came back within 2 weeks, along with most of the others. I welcomed back the employee who had given notice, and poliely refused the others. The PJ has been mired in staffing problems since, and has had to close several stores in the area (same owners).

Karma is a B&^%$. I’ve lost count of how many employees get the grass is greener bug. I always tell them to give me 2 weeks notice. Because the grass is rarely greener. I’ve got a driver coming back in a week because of this.

Just another vote for the “ain’t just the money” camp.
I’ve had employees decline other positions paying more than $1 more - because they like the environment here.
And to call out SAME DAY - that’s more than motivated by a buck an hour - that’s someone who WANTS to get you PO’d. Those people did not like you, or did not like working for you, and you
a) are probably better off that they’ve left now
b) should figure out why, and whether other employees feel the same

I found out today whats up. I go strictly by the book-payroll,deductions etc. They were $7.85 and $8.50 hr. each. This guy offered them $9.50 /hr cash and they jumped. He tried to get some of my delivery guys but none of them budged. From what I have heard he sent everyone home early the last 2 nights and the one guy who left me asked a driver if he thought I would hire him back. Guess the cash always looks greener on the otherside of town. Oh and by the way I have been in buisness for 20 years and this is the first time something like this has occured and I still have 4 employees who started with me in 87.


There is always 1 person who will see money as the motivator to leave, but in the whole the teory I first outlined rings true.

It appears that with some of your staff being with you for so long you are doing the right things with them. With the one s who left I bet there was something there that didn’t make them feel “part of the furniture”. Maybe they saw the ones who have been with you longer being treated differently (not pointing the finger at you on this, but it does happen), or thought they were being taken for granted etc. In the end the $$ was the excuse for them to go but not the reason.

If someone left me high and dry like those two did there is no way I would take them back because they certainly had no thoughts about doing it once and will do the same again.


Yup. . . we’ll take the butcher shop room and turn it into the theatre with movies shown on the sides of beef :shock:

Opening movie - The Silence of the Lambs :twisted:


One thing I have found over the years is people who try and scre* the system (pay cash) will ultimately scre* me.

I don’t pay under the table, I follow the rules and sleep good at night. My employees trust me because I am trustworthy.

Consider the employees that left a blessing, if they think it is ok to work for a dishonest boss and they themselves are dishonest by not paying taxes etc. it is better they aren’t in your shop.

It all catches up eventually. No salary documentation, no credit. No salary documentation injury at work no compensation. Dishonest boss with goverment…dishonest owner to customers. They may seem to be getting ahead in the short term but in the long run it never pays off.

Years ago I worked for an employer that did not quite follow the rules…This went on for years and one day it bit him…Years after I had moved on a former employee took the employer to the labour standards branch and after an audit the labour standards branch ordered him to pay $77,000 in back wages to former employees…He had since sold the shop, however, because he was on “officer” of the company at the time he was personally liable…When he said he could not pay they took his house and sold it to pay eveyone…Years after I had left I got a cheque for close to $3,000.00…RCS…