competitors coupons

Ok so wee are going to start taking competitors coupons. We have a small 12’ med 14’ large 16’ and an xl 18’. Most of the other pizza places like dominos ect. Have a large 14’ so if they have a coupon for a large from them do I give them my med 14’ or a large 16’

If it were me I would match the actual size of the pizza, not the name. You are already at a disadvantage in that game with PH, Dominos and Little Ceasers putting out cheap pizza with cheap ingredients, you will really be giving away the store if you give them a pie that is made with good stuff and love and is also 30% larger for the same $5.00.

Do the “Ultimate Pizza Guaranty” instead. I’m doing it now and it works! People are bringing me tons of other pizza shops pizzas half eaten! lol Make your competitors pay for your advertising.

Hannah Bananas Ultimate Pizza Guarantee
We feel a strong commitment to quality. We believe that no one needs to settle for an inferior
pizza. Therefore, if you purchase an unsatisfactory pizza from any pizzeria in our area, call us at
once on our hotline, (570) 629-6021, and we will immediately exchange the uneaten portion of
their pizza with a Hannah Bananas Pizza, of the same size and toppings…for FREE!
Hannah Bananas Owners and Staff