Compition is gaining on us

What is the best way to attack your compition. I have noticed the past few years my competitor who opened across the street from me 1 year after i opened and copied my menu . We have good food , advertise , good service , but they have been gaining ground .
Any suggestions would help.

             KPHTH #1
  1. Cut their phone lines.
    2. Throw nails all over their parking lot.
    3. Call about a gas leak and have the gas shut off.
    4. Get a Semi Truck trailer, put your logo on it and park it in
    front of their store. Refuse to remove it.
    5. Release rodents in their lobby.

You shouldn’t even GIVE him ideas like that!
Funny, though.

Have a family member go in their store and see what their doing different. Maybe it’s got to do with personality of workers. Great workers and the more “popular” kids bring alot of new people in to my store. I know it sounds too easy, but get one kid that has a rumor of a troublemaker. nobody will tell you they just wont come back til theyre gone.