Concept Ideas

I am planning on opening a delco in a college town & am trying to come up with a concept. I have 2 ideas in mind as of now. One is to do a 3 pizza deal for one price in 2 different sizes. The other is just to have a 12",16" & 26" or 28" pizzas. What would be your opinions on these ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

i am sorry to hear that another person is going to open with the 3 pizza deal buy one get one buy two get one
if you realy love what you are doing do not sell out , did you put your heart and soul into your pizza ? then why are you trying to be like the big chains ?
my suggestion is to promote your pizza by showing people how good is your pizza not how cheap ,2 to 3 weeks before opening if you have your oven ready cook some pizzas and take it to schools businesses etc and let them try slices for free . sorry i do not mean to be mean, people that are looking for price will allways go to the big chains cause they will allways beat you on the price .
just do not enter the price battle and you will win QUALITY ALLWAYS FIRST NOT PRICE just my opnion and i know someone will bring and example and prove me wrong
thank you good luck

If you’re going for low-budge college kids, buying multiples really isn’t their thing. I want dinner for me (and maybe a roommate if we can agree on toppings). Trying to get enough concensus to get 3 pizzas is tough.

Ahhh Lillian,you sound like a breath of fresh air.Finally someone that makes some sense here.Everyone forgot why we got into this.Passion,love,originality and of course the $$!It seems these days most people are in it to hurry up and give a ‘deal’.When people call my store and ask what deals we have we give them PapaJ’s phone # that is on our wall as a long running joke and 99% of the people get a kick out of it.We tell them we specialize in quality,authentic Italian Pizza and to sell ourselves short would be to lower our character and therefore lower our quality to keep up w/ the ‘Johns’.


lillian you couldnt have said it better

:lol: I love that.

if you on going for the budget end, I think you need to be more simple
…look at the players that are serving that market now, like Little Ceasars’s, 1 size, cheese or pepperoni, or pay more for the other limited menu items they have…

those different sizes will cost you more money than you see at first…labor, mistakes, making it more difficult for the customer to decide, busier menu, etc.

I have 8, 14, and 20"…20" is popular and more profitable, so I am keeping that, I am considering doing a 12" instead of the 8 and 14…heck, I wish I just had one size, come to think of it…

find some people that are good at what you want to do. the successful ones will be helpful
our egos tend to make us think the way we do it is best…not so true
work on your concept, you may have something there

there’s a place for what you want to do,
good luck to you,