Back in February a friend of mine sent me a link to a new service for restaurants in my area, I blew it off till 2 weeks ago, sitting at home on a monday rainy nite I decided to check it & ordered food from Buffalo Wild Wings, which you know does not deliver. This service is a blessing to alot of businesses who normally do not deliver. I partnered with them last week, NO COST to me as a business owner all I do is give the company ( a 15% discount, they charge a flat $5 delivery fee. They are expanding to alot of areas, I am actually the first to join in my town(SwartzCreek). This business plateform these guys came up with is genius.

Customers log onto their website & see about 20-25 local restaurants, choose a restaurant order their food & literally within an hour the food is delivered. This takes ALL liability of my business, no worries about turning down a delivery because of being short staffed or other issues that arise.

How do you figure a discount of 15% is no charge to you? To many that is the whole profit of the business. Think of it this way. If every order that your received for a full month was through them what would your bottom line look like?

Yeah I probably worded that wrong BUT if loosing a sale because I am short handed & cant deliver I would rather give 15% discount to a company that 100% guarantees delivery on a $25 sales its only 3.75, I also look at is this way, how many coupons or other discounts do you offer to customers ??. The company does not put our specials or offer coupons to customers.

We are not big with deliveries mainly walk ins or call ins. This also increases sales as people from areas that are out of our delivery range can now have pizza delivered

I guess if you are normally doing discounts then you have that built into your pricing structure. I don’t do deals or discounts so I would never use a service like this.

I added to my comment above, and yes my discounts have been built in, mainly discounts go to military, police, fire.

You could also give this company a menu reflecting higher pricing to make up for at least some of the 15% loss.

Cant do that because what customers see is our actual menu. I believe what most are not grasping is that people who are not in our delivery area, with 5-6 miles, now can get our pizzas delivered. Like the hospital & tons of medical offices that are like 8-10 miles away. This is big for alot of restaurants who normally do not deliver

Considering that you also save delivery costs and presumably do not also take a coupon I think that deal makes a lot of sense.

That is true, only menu priced items, no specials, no coupons. NO LIABILITY for us restaurants as far as delivery concerns.

I don’t see how you can deliver for less than 15% cost even if you charge a couple bucks by the time you add in driver down time and insurance etc. There is another point to be made here that is anyone who is willing to order at menu price ( to them) and pay a 5$ delivery charge is probably going to order lots of side item ect. Obviously you are not getting people who are looking for a cheap deal. I bet your average ticket is huge.

Warren, we do not do the actual delivery, this company has drivers all over the county, all we are doing is making the food and their drivers pick it up for delivery. We do not charge for delivery, the company does all the charging. What happens is a customer goes to the website, choose a restaurant, order their food, either pay cash or charge, they get an email confirmation stating it will be delivered within 45 minutes to 1 hr. the call center calls us we take the order like a normal call in order, we make the food the driver comes in pays with company credit card & leaves, he does not come back to the restaurant.
Our average ticket sale ranges from $20-$45 on delivery

Yeah i knew that. What i meant was if you WERE going to do them yourself i dont think you could do it for 15%

Oh absolutely no, we usually charge $5 for delivery for anything not in town, because alot of homes here are spread out because of farming community. its a small town so anything in town I would charge $3.

Last time I added all delivery wages, vehicle related costs, insurance for delivery, mileage paid etc etc and divided the number of deliveries in a year it came to about $4.80 per delivery. With our average ticket of about $35 that comes to 13.7%. Our typical coupon is another 10-12% so this deal would be a no-brainer for me if I were in your shoes.

That’s what I’m saying.
“Its a no brainer”

Bye way I guessing should post link to business just incase they are in another state someone may want to check it out