concrete stain flooring

Well, I finally got the dining room cleared to start the flooring. Today I finished the primer coat. I ended up using a roller to apply 2 coats. Not a bad deal at all once the floor was cleaned (man did THAT suck). Gotta wait minimum 8 hours to dry before next coat.

Monday morning I put the stain on. Using a disposable string mop to swirl in on in a sort of patterned effect. If that looks dumb, I’ll use a roller to even it out. More on results to morrow. final will be topcoat poly enriched with epoxy.

I spilt some stain once and tried to mop it up like you described. While I was stoned it looked great, but when I wasn’t I took to it with a roller. :lol:

Make your decision on how you will be before you put the stain down. 8)


I would be interested in seeing some pictures of the results. Even the failed experiments. Just a thought…

Think you were talking about using Behr products from Home Depot. In the past I used to do some home remodeling and it was well known that their products were inferior. I’ve never used their products to stain concrete but I have used their paint products. Night and day difference when going to a quality product.

Home Depot orders all their Behr stuff from a a paint manufacturer (think it is/was Sherman Williams) with specific specs that are lessor quality so they can sell it cheap. Their products are in no way comparable to the other “brand” names.

Just hate to see you go to all this work and not have it work out well or last.

This contention is a little confusing since Behr is a company owned by Masco Corporation through Masterchem Industries. Sherwin Williams appears to be a wholly different and competing company. While Behr paints may not be the ‘Cadillac’ of products, I can’t imagine that Home Depot has the power to order their brand label from someone other than the company holding the brand.

We’ve been happy enough so far with the Behr Premium paints we haver used both here and in our last location…

Nick a year or so back I was in a Linens and More store…Not sure if they are down your way…Anyway I was waiting for my pal and got chatting with a fellow that was making some notes…As I recall he worked for a company that designed, manufactured and marketed kids furniture or beds of some sort…We had an interesting discussion about how brand owners quite often licence thier brand to a retail chain and just collect a royalty…He said that a store like Linens and More arranges with a contract manufacturer to manufacture an item for the store to the brand owners specs and then pay a licence fee to the brand owner…The brand owner only does quality control and collects a royalty…The store does all the work and the brand owners collects their cheque…So what pizza pirate said could be the case…RCS…

I think the trick to staining you floor is sealing it…I stained mine yrs ago & was unhappy, as I never sealed it…plus, it was in a high grease area & didn’t last…ended up doing the sticky vinyl thing…

I’ve since worked elsewhere where the customer floors were stained/sealed…much better than I did, but they did have 2 come out 4 a monor repair

My contractor used really industrial strength cool stuff that I saw for sale (in case I need to patch or something) on, of all places,

He used a stain, then an epoxy top coat (you have to mix two chemicals to get the clear epoxy). It’s TOUGH. They also mixed in something like sand or glass to roughen it up so it wasn’t too slick.

I used the 2-part epoxy coating on my kitchen and dish room floors. It is really great flooring, but the expense is too big for this project, and the finished results not what we are looking for. We have such and incredibly uneven floor to work with that we would have to pour 2 to 3 inches more concrete over 800 sq feet to get an even surface . . . or go with something else like the stain.