condenser coils

Just wondering if, when you clean your condenser coils on your refrigeration units, do you only vacuum them? I see there are foaming coil cleaners available and I am not sure if that can be used as well. Here is an example of one:
It seems like this would do a better job, but not sure if this is the wrong application for it.


The key to using any of these products(I didn’t click on the one you linked) is to thoroughly wash with water. This stuff will eat the aluminum. Bring in a hose and a large shopvac and make sure you don’t leave any residue of the cleaner on the coils.

the indoor ones I usually just took compressed air to… carefully (don’t want to bend any fins). The outdoor ones I usually just took a garden hose to… Be sure to wash away from the electrical stuff so that you avoid getting it wet as much as possible, and shut off the power first.

Compressed air and a shop vac seems to work fine here, I don’t see any reason to get carried away with chemicals.

When I took over our current location, I found that the previous occupier did not use his exhaust hood, and because of that, all of the refrigeration had a coating of sticky coagulated grease and large dust bunnies throughout. Even in my walk-in cooler! (I have no idea how he accomplished that spectacular trick)

I use a product made by Davies Chemical named DC-99 to dissolve that nasty coating which I found everywhere. It is not caustic, it does not eat away metals, but melts this grease right off everything. And it doubles as a stripper for vinyl floors. I cut it by 50% or more depending on what I am cleaning. it does a great job on condenser coils with a brush if you have a sticky mess on them like I found. I use it on my grease baffles, pans that go through my BBQ pit, on the sides of the deep fryers, and it makes a great floor cleaner for tile floors.

Side note;
the company that installed the exhaust hood had the MUA fan unit had it wired backwards, so it wasn’t making up lost air, it was also acting as an exhaust fan. So this might explain his reluctance to use the exhaust hood, the first time I turned the hood on, it sucked a window right out of it’s frame! A little fan speed adjustment, and fixing the MUA took care of that.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I will just bring my compressor in to do the trick. I usually just use a small wet vac with the suck and then the blow sides, but feel that there is still some dust left in the coils. Our coils aren’t greasy, just dusty.


Same here I use a compressor and a shop back and a very fine brush, I do it every 6 months