cone pizza

any one know of a supplier of cone pizza ‘bases’ ie preformed dough in cone shape in australia / sydney area.


To the best of my knowledge, there are no suppliers of the cones. Both companies making the “pizza cones” are franchised, one in Italy and the other in California. It really shouldn’t be too difficult to make your own cones. You will need to have a form made, something like a funnel, to the size and shape you want. John Crow at <> would be a good place to go to get some made for you. He can make them with their proprietary non-stick coating. Be sure to have them made so they will sit squarly on the large, open end of the form. Then, all you will need to do is to wrap dough around the form and par-bake it. The cones are then filled and placed into a stand to hold them upright in the oven where they are given the final bake at the time of the order.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor