Confessions of a moron: turn on your oven.

Through a confluence of circumstances that created the perfect storm of confusion, we had the unthuinkable happen last night befroer dinner. We were late turning on the oven. I had flu earlier this week, so staff was out of routine, I had to clean the fryr earlier in the day, and got called away to special called city council meeting . . . handed off filling the fryer to a staffer who ususally checks the oven when arriving . . . pizza station guy was late due to actual transportation issues. Everyone was scattered and forgot to turn the ovens on when arriving. We took 1st orders at 5pm, and didn’t get the first pizza into the oven until nearly 5:40. it was a zoo catching up the 1st couple hours. This is a Blodgett 981 deck still, and has been motivating me more and more to finish geting BP 602 installed and ready.

The 602 will take more time to heat up, but it will sure drive like a locomotive once it’s hot. The Blodgett is still a dogfight to keep the pizzas cooking in contant feed.

Turn on that oven.

yeah that sucks man ive done it before too.


I don’t think you can officially call yourself a moron until you turn the oven on with a wooden peel inside it, or send a bunch of plastic trays through a conveyor oven. It’s in the rules somewhere…

A double MM PS360 gets hot enough fast enough to shrink a dough tray like a shrinky dink if you leave one on the entrance side of the conveyor when you turn it on in the morning.

Don’t ask me how I know this. It is just true.

ps Wooden peels are good for a while in an oven before they become charcoal.

But what is worse is when the first order is for the fire department. Don’t ask!

Ouch that makes for a rough night…


The guy that owns the Seattle Wing Zone has multiple entries in the moron hall of fame, but my favorite was when I came back from a delivery to discover that he had set one of the deep fryers on fire. He had decided that he needed to clean the stainless steel back splash area right that second while the thing was on, and to protect himself from the heat he had put a cardboard box over the top of the fryer, actually touching the oil… One of the cooks managed to get the flaming cardboard off of the fryer and beat the fire out with a broom, but it was a near thing, the flames were definitely high enough to set off our HALON system if they’d gone on much longer, and that really would have ruined our night.

Yeah… there’s nothing more chilling than reaching up to grab the oven door with a pizza on a peel ready to go in … and the handle is stone cold. ARGH! :wink:

Sorry kids, you all lose!
How about noticing that no one put the fence at the end of the conveyer, and a pizza is getting ready to slide off, so…you guessed it!


The defense rests.

I had a coworker once that just grabbed a pizza and screen off the oven to keep it from falling.

This juror thinks its a tie between the plastic dough trays going through the oven and forgetting to turn the thing on in the first place.

Or how about putting a tea towel on the conveyor and then wondering where it went until someone asked “what the hell is that burning smell?” and then seeing the very scorched towel emerged at the other end …

or … clearing the stack of screens off the top of the oven only to pick up the top one that has just come out and is still red hot. Funny how long you hold it until you either feel the pain or the smell of burning flesh sickens you. Point to remember … the top one is always hot. :oops:


Moron…How about coming in the next morning to find you left a pizza in the oven the night before? Charcoal frisbee
or MY favorite… somebody put a case of fries in the 2 door feezer and left it sticking out so the freezer door would not close and you find it the next morning. Forgetting to take the beef out of the steam table before going home.
Thinking your husband locked the front door, getting a call at 3:00am from police telling you to come and lock it!

If I had a buck for every time a peel went through our conveyor… I onced turned on the conveyors but not the burners for our ovens. I was a little shocked when the first pizzas of the day came out totally uncooked.

I’ve done it too Nick. There’s never a more sickening feeling then to know you’re goiing to have to play catch up for the entire night.