Confessions of foreign objects in pizza

We had our SECOND report of a foreign object in a pizza. That is two in about 3 years. 1st one was a hair in a pizza in our second month ever. customer was extremely understanding as I drove out myself to deliver the refund . . . they still insisted on tipping! We (I in particular) have all started wearing chef hats since that day.

This time was truly bizarre. Customer called stating that their 12" Train Wreck (a $20 pizza) had plastic pieces in it. This customer is a decent couple, and they aren’t the kind to scam us . . . but we don’t have anything in the shop that has black plastic that could conceivably get into a pie. Or do we? We speculated all sorts of things while the driver took the refund out to them and brought the pizza leavings back for investigation.

I saw the plastic piece and knew immediately what it was. No one else did. It was a plastic clip that holds our pita bags closed. A little U-shaped thingy used on all sorts of bread products. How the H#ell that got in there was the mystery. We solved again pretty quickly. Every 30 to 45 minutes we swipe the make table ‘leavings’ into a food bin to use for works/train wreck pizzas. It’s got a conglomeration of toppings that don’t much matter in the huge mega-topping pies. It works very well, and saves a good bit of cheese. we have NEVER has foreign material in there that we know of, and it appears a bread bag closure got swept into the cheese that I put on the base of the pie, and then cut into 4 or 6 bits with the rocker knife.

Moral of this story: 1. Throw away the bag closures if you don’t put it back on the bag; 2. Carefully examine swiped cheese bin before using it on any pie.

The kicker to this story: It was the SAME CUSTOMER BOTH TIMES. What were the odds that only two incidents reported and both were same kind people? Both times they kept the evidence for us and resisted the refund, just wanting to let us know so we can investigate. They stil ended up with the $$ when we left both times.

our second month had the hair in the pizza call refunded money and gave a free pizza hair was wrong color wrong length to any of us . had a problem with our dough balls twice staple in one and a spider in another frozen though contacted supplier they were freaked said they were in process of getting new manufacure no problems since!!! did have a lady through a fit cuz she ordered a meat lovers pizza and brought it back said it had to much meat :lol:

Had similar with hair in a pizza for new customer. Phoned and said they loved the pizza except for the piece of hair in it. Funny thing is I made it and I’m like Yul Bremmer and we all wear mini chefs hats and the drivers and counter staff wear caps. Not to say it didn’t come from us … but

I normally get people saying we don’t put enough meat on theirs. Send her down here anytime :lol:


About 8 years ago the nut that holds on the roller blade on our slicer came off into the pizza and went out with the pie. The customer chipped a tooth on it. They brought it to our attention and asked for the $80 their dentist charged them. I considered myself VERY lucky. That is only time we have had anything along those lines.

customer found a small bolt in my italian beef sandwich,must have came off one of their processing machines
customer found wood chips in the 1000 island dressing,he said i should check
my wooden spoons(i have nothing but stainless utensils)
waitress found an earring in the ranch dressing bottle,have no idea on that one
had a customer call and say my peas stink,and insisted on bringing them in to show me…they did,but all peas stink
found a wedding ring in my #10 can of tomato sauce just 3 days ago,male
very large hands

Ive had the hair, then when the driver brought the pizza back there was a hair in a napkin-DEFINITELY not any of ours! It was purple. Anyways I go through a couple cases of sub buns a day those little plastic things I throw on the floor every time. I also train everyone to do that. Sweeping them up is nothing, they are so easy to fall into anything I hate it when someone tries to “save” them and get rid of them later.

Our new rule is that they go back on the bag immediately, or on the floor immediately. Don’t want to repeat that one . … unless we tell the cutomer that they have found the “golden ticket”, it is perfectly safe to eat and have won a $25 dollar gift certificate :smiley:

Nick, perhaps if you just offered plastic as a topping, you could just say the make line got it confused.

NOw THAT is funny.

Hey Nick,

Just wanted you to know that I think of you now every time I see one of those U-shaped bag closures! We have them on all of the bags of bread we get from the bakery. The bags have six rolls each, so we go through a lot of bags, thus a lot of little U-shaped pieces.

So, Nick, you are thought of often now! (And it has also reminded me to be extra careful with those–thanks!)


Thanks, Sara . . . I think. I have always said that it is better to be talked about than forgotten, so I’ll take it. If my sad little story helps ANYONE avoid the Plastic Pizza Topping, then I feel I have done a service.

The real laugher about it is that we get white ones on our bread bags, too. (6 rolls to a bag). We never had issues with them. It was the black ones on the Pita bags that got us. We use far fewer of them, and still got it on the pie. Takes true skill that one did.