Yesterday(Monday) 1 of my busiest days ever …Isnt that weird or is that a good sign, it felt like a Friday in here. :lol:
Im just wondering???

Same with us! We had a really slow weekend, but then yesterday was great (felt like a Friday for us too!). What we are guessing here is that our weekend was slower because everyone was going to graduation parties and school/church picnics. Then, when the weekend was over, they figured that since they didn’t go out and pay for a meal, they have that money to spend during the following week.

Whatever it is, I sure hope it keeps going this way all week! (But I hope the weekends pick up again!!!)


very busy here also,
twice the norm for a monday

You fellers will complain about anything :).

The company I work for (non-food related) had a huge day on Monday as well. Last weekend was so pretty, I think people spent it outdoors rather than indoors. Were your weekend sales lower and this is just catching up, or was the weekend “average”?

Because I live in Hockey country I attributed the increase in business on Monday th the fourth games of the Stanley Cup Finals.

:slight_smile: The down-side of success. We ran out of cheese, pepperoni, jalapenos bites, sub rolls and chicken wings.

Thought about answering the phone “hi - would you like to try our breadstick dinner”?

thank goodness for local pizzaria friends that really help us out. The sales lately have been tremendous.


Thought about answering the phone “hi - would you like to try our breadstick dinner”?


We ran out of dough one night and one of my drivers started answering the “Pasta Pizzazz” instead of pizza Pizzazz.


You have one of the five, most of them, surely:

A Great Pizza or
A Grill that rocks or
Both or
Fantastic Customer Service

I could list more but I know great Mondays and you are doing it right : )