Considering name change to existing business

New member here but have been actively reading all the great posts here on the forum for quite some time. I have been in the pizza industry now for 5 years and just recently sold my first store and ready to move on to the next. My family have a restaurant that they are passing down they are ready to retire and i am ready to get back into things.

Here is a bit of background on the pizza shop it has been around since 1987 and was part of a pizza chain called 2 for 1 pizza which no longer exists. My parents bought the place about 7 years ago and kept everything the same. Business is not where it should be its not bad but could be MUCH better. I will be taking over in a couple of weeks and would really like to change the name. The problem is that you are not really getting 2 pizzas for the price of 1 and people notice and ask what is the 2 for 1. For example some of their specials are 14" 2 topping for 9.99 and 2 14" pizzas for 19.99. People think that they should be getting 2 pizzas for the 9.99 price. Currently the employees tell those who ask that anywhere else they go they will get on pizza for 20 bucks instead of 2 or that not everyone wants 1 pizza, i just think that that is way too much to have to explain everytime someone asks. The place has tons of potential its the best deal in town has a great location and is one of the few places that delivers. I will not be changing the specials that they have in existence. What i will be doing is a small remodel and work on increasing the quality of the pizza and a bunch of marketing.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

If it’s confusing, frustrating, or disingenuous even in appearance only I would change it. Sounds like the perfect time for a fresh start.

change the name. if you don’t offer a 2 for 1 special it will be confusing and a pain in the butt to explain it. plus the name is sounds cheap.

Ab-So-Lutely!!! Change it, and don’t look back! While your at it, this would be the perfect time to; 1) change any recipes that aren’t perfect, 2) if it’s a sit-down or pick-up place, take a day to clean everything from glass to rest rooms. And maybe even paint some new color into the joint, and 3) take a close look at your prices, because there will never be a better time to consider increases.

Be prepared to hear that your folks were great and you’ve messed it up, but that would have happened if no changes whatever were made, or if it was a stranger taking over. Good luck with the new venture.

Hey guys I really appreciate all of your input and i really want to change the name i just dont like anything about it just wanted to make sure i was doing the right thing. Piedad i will definitely be doing all of the things you suggested. I have been talking with suppliers for a couple of months now been playing around with all sorts of different sauces cheeses and flours so i have a pretty good of what i will be doing with recipes plus i will be paying less and have a better product then what currently is going on there. I will go through every inch of that place to clean it up and i have to increase prices i am in california and minimum wage is going to go up to $9 on july 1st.

I know that some people will be unhappy but im not worried about the few people that will be upset, im more interested in all the people i will be gaining from the change. Even with a price increase it will still be the best deal in town aside from the big 3 but im not worried about their crappy pizza.