I am looking for a Pizza Consultant, if that exists, to help me with the start up of a new restaurant. I have a friend who has experience in pizzerias and other restaurant management, but I am looking for a real expert. Someone who has the time to spend a week in Southern California, someone who has knowledge of a high volume place. Obviously I will pay for Travel, Lodging, Time, etc. I apologize if this should go in the classified section.

Give Big Dave Ostrander a holler!

Michael Hartzell is amazing! Here is his website to check out[/url]. I encourage you to check out his site and give him a call. He is by far the best consultant I have ever been around. Good Luck!

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60-Second Guide to Finding the Right Business Coach

Whether they’re on the medal stand at the Olympics or standing in line for a hotdog at the recreation league cookout, great athletes always credit their coaches for instilling the discipline necessary to achieve a goal, offering helpful tips to sharpen their skills or providing encouragement during difficult times. Likewise, an entrepreneur can benefit from the wisdom and insights of an experienced business coach. Finding this unique individual is easier than you may think.

In just 60-seconds, we’ll show you how to select a qualified person to help you achieve your small business goals.

0:60 Define What Do You Need Help With
A business coach can assist with things as specific as making sales presentations or as broad as developing a long-term growth plan for your business. Determine those areas in which you need the most help, and make a commitment to finding a qualified expert.

:46 Consider Crossover Expertise
The ideal scenario is to have a coach with experience in your particular trade or industry. That may not be possible for some specialized businesses, or in certain geographic locations. Don’t worry; the basic tools and strategies for success transcend all types of businesses. If you want to add franchises to your carpet cleaning business, for example, a coach with a background in the restaurant industry can guide you through the process of evaluating potential markets and structuring contracts.

0:34 Get an Objective Perspective
Entrepreneurs count on friends and family members for many things, but don’t expect honest criticism to be among them. Your business coach should be someone who is fair, reasonable and interested in your success, but also willing to tell the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

0:28 Find a Compatible Comfort Factor
Personalities don’t always click. You may discover that an otherwise perfect business coach is difficult to work with, or doesn’t fully understand your perspective. (For example, many female entrepreneurs prefer working a coach who is also a woman.) Your coach should be someone who earns your trust and confidence, not intimidates you into following his or her advice.

0:17 Where to Find It
If you have visited, you’re already well on the way to finding the perfect business coach for your needs. SCORE has 389 chapter offices across the country where you can receive free, one-on-one counseling from experts who have done it all.

0:03 Take Advantage of Technology
You don’t even need to leave your home or office to work with a SCORE business coach. Just go to SCORE’s Web site, select “Ask SCORE” and identify the area(s) in which you would like some coaching. By browsing through the resumes of potential coaches, you’re sure to find one with the expertise and skills you’re looking for. An email to that coach is all it takes to launch a rewarding relationship that will benefit your small business.

Brought to you by SCORE"Counselors toAmerica’s Small Business"

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SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

SCORE is headquartered in Herndon, VA and Washington, DC and has 389 chapters throughout the United States and its territories, with 10,500 volunteers nationwide. Both working and retired executives and business owners donate time and expertise as business counselors. SCORE was founded in 1964.

We are America’s premier source of free and confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs.

I am a SCORE counselor and I own two pizza restaurants. I have done several consulting projects such as you are looking for.

If you do decide to work with a SCORE counselor, make sure that the one you are referred to has experience in both restaurants and in small business. Most of the SCORE counselors out there come from fortune 500 companies and while helpful, will not be as helpuful as a better match might be.

I’ll second what Bodega said…SCORE is a fantastic service, but if you need to get into specific areas of the restaurant trade, make sure you’re working with a mentor that has that particular background…the benefits will be so much greater for you!!

Also remember that Tom Lehmann from AIB does on site mentoring/counseling as well if your specific needs are in the product handling area.

And let me give my support to bodegahwy. Steve is very knowledgeable about contracts as well. Just a smart guy even if he does seem to be a bit too serious. :smiley:

Hi Redmeat,

New operaton? Fun!

jdogpizza21 referred my name already and his words of praise are appreciated. Thought I would introduce myself?

I have been in operations for many, many years. My multiple sales awards are really a reflection of my great teams and my unusual approach to marketing as well. … shows my video. Tells a part of the story.

With that said, here are some thought,

  • Gregster offered an outstanding resource for a selection process.
  • SCORE is an another good option. I too recommend them.
  • Big Dave Ostrander has been in the market many years and I hear great things as well.

I can add one more possibily to your list: Jeffrey Summers at: is a option to consider. He has the depth of experience, the reources and keeps up with trends.

Of course, I too am an option to talk with. I will not claim to be the best match for you until we can speak on what your goals are. I can tell you that I have lived it, done it, trained others to do it and created volume from nothing via “magic” some might say. :slight_smile: High volume?

Seems odd I refer others? :slight_smile: I do not look as those in my business as competitors … but as collaborators since our goal first and foremost is to ensure success of others. To that end we have common ground. Consider carefully and interview well.

Go through the list Gregster gave you. Make some notes about where you have no worries and which areas might be of concern. What is it you will be needing help with from a “consultant”?

I look forward to hearing from you. Hope to chat soon.

Michael Hartzell

Can someone post some numbers as to what it would cost to hire a consultant? I feel that before I would take that step, I would need to maximize what I already know but have been curious to the costs involved. Knowing there are probably different levels of consulting, is there some ballpark figures to consider?

Thanks for the info. I have Emailed a couple of the people or groups you recommended. I just want to start out on the right foot. First Impressions are important. My biggest concerns are the same as everyone, quality and efficiency. Anyway, thanks again for the input.

In case anyone wants to contact me:

Hey pizzapirate we are neighbors. I was right in your area 3 or 4 times the past few weeks while I was down at the County Court House area (at the ABC office) signing the final papers for my Beer and Wine license.

If I have to make another run down there I will stop in a see you.

We are going to be in the Buena Park/Cypress area… more North Orange County.