Consulting Needs by Owners

I’m posting to get a feel for what restaurant owners are needing for consulting help right now. I have an MBA with a concentration in Finance and just finished a Master’s in business analytics. I got laid off recently because the owners are retiring from the construction company I just worked. I’ve worked in a number of restaurants through the years. I also owned a pizzeria previously, but closed it because of having young children and a lack of support at home. I love the pizza business though and exploring returning to the restaurant industry in some fashion instead of returning to the construction industry and its unreliability. Just wondering how much of a need there is for consulting related to the business side of things.

Question for you: when you owned your pizzeria did you pay for a consultant?

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Good luck but I would guess there are already enough “pros” doing this for the demand that is out there in the market…

I believe the pandemic has weeded out the poor operators. I have been involved with Big Dave Ostrander (The Pizza Doctor) and Bill Marvin (The Restaurant Doctor) These guys knew the business from the word Go because they lived it day in and day out. If you have that kind of knowledge, I would say have at it.
You might try opening your own shop with your success being proof your know what you are talking about.