Contact from broker with client interesting in buying

Meeting Thursday with broker and client. They are interested in both stores and the real estate. Wish me luck.

may large sums of cash fall in your lap :smiley:

Met with them this AM for 3 hours. Looked at numbers and equipment. Talked about systems. They want more info…

Have them give your lawyer a good faith deposit before they get any more free information. They may be sincere but they may also be looking at opening to compete with you after knowing all you secrets.

Thanks Daddio. This is not my first rodeo.

In this case, I am pretty confident about the motivations. I have provided an overview and three year’s numbers. I told the broker that that would be all until I see a Letter of Intent or an offer.

I am getting smart follow-up questions that indicate they are thinking about how to make it work.

Looking promising.