Contest for October

I am looking to run a Facebook contest for National Pizza Month in October.

Just wondering if anyone has ever ran a “Guess the weight of this pizza”.

I figure it will be real simple, maybe have an October 15th deadline and it’s fun! All the fan has to do is guess the weight and those closest by the deadline gets a free pizza. They must like our page to be eligible and try to get them to share with their friends.

Anyone else doing contests? Also, if anyone has done this type of contests, did you do weight in lbs, grams or kg? Guessing grams will give me the biggest number so the guesses will have to be pretty good


We hold a free pizza contest once a week, and it gets us several likes every time. The idea of guess the weight is a good one. I wouldn’t make it for 15 days though because that’s only one post that your customers can interact with. When we do a contest, we say that in order to qualify for the free pizza you must like, comment, and share our post. Facebook has a new algorithm that only shares your post with a small portion of your fans, so its vital that you get the ones that do see it to share it.