Contractors working at night

We are having some cosmetic work done in our little pizza shop. New floors, wall treatment, painting, counters etc. Construction company is showing up Sunday night after closing and expect to have all major work done by the time we open Tuesday morning. (We are closed on Monday) They are working in shifts around the clock.
One question that came to mind is should I have someone in the shop continuously while they are there? (Someone means me) I can’t imagine letting strangers have the run of my shop without me or a responsible employee being there, but I don’t want to spend 54 consecutive hours at work either. They are a reputable company but still…

I would definitely find a way to be there throughout, or if possible have someone else there to give you some time to rest for a few hours while they are still there

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What on earth are you worried about? Got insurance? Secure the cash in the till and enjoy a couple of days off! Stick your head in the door during each day once if you can’t help yourself and check out the progress.

When we had our kitchen completely gutted and rebuilt we left the contractor alone overnights and would check on them and the progress throughout the day. If for some reason there is a problem you should have no issue finding them.

Call me crazy, but if they’re redoing things in the kitchen and get off task and he can’t reopen when he’s supposed to, that would be one worry of mine. Another would be the contractors eating the food there, I guess you could always lock it in the walk in too though…

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Thank you for your responses. I don’t know, I want to trust people but have been burned in the past by people I hired and thought were trustworthy after working with us for a year or more. I am thinking I will just randomly pop in from time to time since it is only 5 minutes from the house and hope I don’t find them helping themselves to a feast of riffling through the office.

This is why I love having cameras I can watch without being there if you don’t have any they are a great investment and not too difficult to install

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Companies come in all the time to do their job with nobody at the shops. Hell our pest control company has the keys/alarm codes.

I remember staying every night to close the place down. Every single night just to essentially lock the door. Then I started to think about big companies - banks and such. These guys have employees lock the doors and set the alarms. Not managers either. Just employees. Granted you have to pay close attention to what’s happening and have surveillance, but they give them the responsibility none the less. Once I made that change I added on average an extra 3 hours a night to see my family or do whatever I wanted. I just wish I could get back all that time I wasted not trusting people.

I remember waiting for the guys to clean all the hoods one night. When I got out of there the sun was coming up… My time (and sleep) is worth way more than that. I never sat around waiting on them again. “Here’s the key, lock up when you’re done”. Plus setting most alarms doesn’t even require a code.

Life is too short to stand around making sure no one steals a fountain soda.


For what? Your super secret deposit totals? Get a grip.

You guys must have some serious trust issues going on if you cant allow a contractor to work in your shop at night alone, with out supervision. I can’t imagine how your employees feel working for someone like this.

Holy cow!

Employees and contractors are two separate things, the trust you have in an employee differs completely from a contractor that you just hired off the street.

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Don’t hire contractors off the street. Get references, hire quality people and pay the right price. My delivery guys all have keys to my shop and the alarm code. I meet with them the first time they do a drop, give them my cell and then let them do their job. I don’t need to be there while a guy drops off an order. Work with good people, trust them and then let them get on with their job. 99% of the time it will all work out. If you’re business succeeds or fails on the 1% you need to put more effort into your business not into watching guys do what they are getting paid to do.

I dont even know if i have keys to either of my shops, someone is there till mid night daily and dough guys get there at 6am. Just need to have faith in people and trust

Absolutely. I have had employees steal, never had a contractor or tradesman steal.

Good to know, because I just handed them a key

I hope your project goes well and is completed on time! Best of luck. Take a few hours for yourself today and do something fun!

We had a contractor steal from us so I tend to lean to the cautious side

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What did they steal?

Nothing to break the bank, our own tools that we had there… level, ladder, small stuff… it was just the trust aspect

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