Controlling Water Temp. for Dough?

We make 5 batches of dough every day and our sink is 25’ from our dough machine. I am looking for a device that I can set a water temperature and dispense from a hose or faucet that I can place by my dough machine. My utlity room is behind my dough machine so plumbing it will be easy.

The problem I have run into is that I need to set a water temp. between 58F and 80F depending on various conditions. The only device I have found is one that controls water temp. from 75F to 200F.

Anyone know of a device that can help me? It must have a gauge on it so we know what temp. we have it set at.

Any bakery equipment supplier (R.T. Bundy & Associates Tel: 937-652-2151) can set you up with both a water meter to deliver a specified amount of water, and an automatic blending valve that will deliver the water at whatever temperature you select. Keep in mind that if the set water temperature is less than the tap water temperature you will need to include a water chiller in the package. To control costs, look for a used or reconditioned unit.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We sell a water meter that mesures the amount of water and controls the temperature.

George Mills

There you go! George Mills to the rescue again!
I wasn’t aware that you sold them too.
Work with George, he knows the equipment side of the retail pizza business as well as, or better than most anyone else, and what you buy from George will be sized to your needs.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks, I was hoping you both would see this post. I will get some info first thing this coming week.

a little off topic but…
do you have the chart to match the correct temp for water to the room temp?

If you scroll to the bottom of the page on this link it has the calculations.

In addition to the calculations, Red Star Yeast has this one that works ressonably well too:
145 minus flour temperature in F. = water temperature to give you a finished dough temperature in the 82 to 88F range.
The long calculation is more precise and it works for any desired finished dough temperature.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Long calculation:
3 times desired dough temperature minus the sum of the flour temperature, room temperature, and friction factor = the desired water temperature. You can cheat a little and plug in 35 for the friction factor.