Hello people, we have a small pizzeria trying to match the authentic Italian Style (final product, not from stone oven), when i first bought an oven, we tried 2 or 3 different ones, and the winner was a Vulcan CONVECTION OVEN, lol, yes unbelievable but true, that was the one which gave us a faster baking, golden color, firm and crusty dough.

Now, we have to buy a bigger one, I was thinking about a brand new XLT (which is to expensive for us right now) cause we have to buy many other new equipment, and I have a fear about if it will give the same result as our convection oven.

The other option is a Deck oven for 6 pizzas in 5 mins, which also I fear about if will give the same result, and last one to buy another convection Oven.

Dough doctor said better to buy the XLT, and find some money for the other items, heheh, so, I want your opinion about it, and last question, an XLT conveyor Oven will not consume a lot of energy in front of the convection and the deck oven? who have experienced the different on bills…