Converting BP 451 from Natural Gas to Propane

I am considering a move into a new building with a populated area of 16,000+ vs. my current location of 2000.
Does anyone know what is involved in converting a Bakers Pride oven from natural gas to propane? Is it ez or difficult? Expensive?

The new building does not have 3 Phase, my current location does for my 60qt 3 phase mixer, it was wired as a 240 volt with a wild leg. Is there some sort of converter for the mixer, providing the same performance?

Yes, you can purchase 3-phase converters. Here’s a webpage I found that offers them:

You can google “3 phase converters” and you’ll get a ton of them. Proper sizing is very important, so make sure you call them before you order and have them spec it for your mixer. I looked for something that would work with my 60qt Hobart and it looked like it would cost around $500.

Hi Creampuff.

Piper is correct on phase converters. They are basically a small generator. You use your 110 volt current to run a generator that produces three phase at the volts and amps your mixer requires.

Converting a deck oven is fairly simple. The burner orifice is reduced in size as propane arrives at a higher pressure and I believe the regulator should be changed. I am not a technician but I do not think one would charge a large amount to convert your oven. Pick the closest tech as they charge to travel to your location.

George Mills