Converting Cartopper Signs to cordless

I keep having to replace the cigarette lighter cords to my lights (cut cords, broken connectors, lost, etc.) Any suggestions on how I can convert my lighted signs (Cassel) to cordless, using a 12v. rechargeable batteries? There seems to be room inside the light box to hold a small battery.

Been using those for about 2 years now.

We’ve tried the rechargeable ones and found that the LED bulbs were not as bright as the original bulbs used and that the batteries were good for 8-9 hours or so but would not keep signs lit till our closing time this time of year when it gets dark early. This was when new, I can only imagine these problems would multiply if LED bulbs start to burn out, and when the battery ages and won’t keep a charge as long.

i tried this as well, very dim lighting

Did you guys try the ones from the company I posted?

I don’t find them to be dim at all - in fact, they are probably brighter. I haven’t had any issues with battery life either. I’ve had them for a couple of years.

I did have a problem with one that wouldn’t turn off - and they sent me another overnight for free - and it was probably a year old - no questions asked. The owner of the company actually stopped in my store when he happened to be in town to see how we liked them. I’ve no interest in the company, just like to make some noise when I’ve had great customer service since it is hard to find. YMMV

anybody other than the registered guest use the cordless lights from We want to use them but fear they are going to be WAY to dim to even see at night.

Call and ask them if they will send you one to try - they might just do it.

The LEDs (about 1/8", and there are 4 of them ) are extremely bright. Bright enough that I had spots in my eyes for about an hour after looking at them directly before I installed into the sign. The color of the light is much whiter than with the bulbs.

just as a note, the quality/brightness of LED lighting has VASTLY improved. as long as the company is using High output LEDs than they should be plenty bright enough, i have a LED flashlight that is bright enough to be used as a tactical flashlight, basicly bright enough to blind someone for 10-30 seconds, with one LED bulb and i get 40 hours of batt. life out 2 digital camera batteries. so 4 dimmer LEDs with a small rechargeable battery pack should be able to go for a week between charges. plus the lack of a wire going through the interior of the car is always a plus.