Converting Conveyor to propane

I have a MM PS-314 that I would like to convert to propane. Does anyone have any insight to this? To run for about four hours a time, what amount of propane am i going to go through?

Hi AJ453:

The conversion of you oven is simple just the changing of an orifice and a spring any service co. should be able to do that .

As to How much propane you will use. Depends on how much product you put through it,
Your oven running flat out for an hour would burn 135,000 BTU There is prox. 91,500 BTU per gal. of propane. Take a WAG and estimate you will average 85% of capacity per hour you will burn 11,4750 per hour
that’s 1.5 gal of propane.

George G Mills

Thanks, sounds easy enough.
We will be using this oven outside under a tent. The fire dept is saying they need some cert. saying these can be used outside. I am not sure why this is required, being it will be covered, and the oven sits on wheels. Do any conveyor ovens actually have this?

Boy, when they don’t know, they just make it a rule.

Hi aj453:

There is no impediment to operating that oven out doors. Operating in a tent could present some sort of fire Hazard. The exhaust pipe on your oven is spewing out heat at about the same temperature as that at which you are baking.

You could probably get a statement from Middleby stating no problem operating out doors.

George Mills