Conveyor Belt Issue

Anyone ever had their conveyor belt oven struggle to move? The belt was to go but it’s as if there is an obstruction somewhere but I can’t find it.

On an old oven I used to have the gear on the drive motor stripped causing the belt to jump at first then stop all together. They wouldn’t sell just the gear or even the gear box Ii had to buy the whole motor assembly.

Sometimes the links get caught in the oven, the outter edge where they interlock

Pull the chain. Spin it around and look for damage

If you took the belt off, make sure you also put it back on the same way (belts don’t like being run backwards).

We had the gear box go out on our we replaced it ourselves for about 350. But it wasn’t struggling it just stopped altogether.

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On my top oven, Lincoln 1450, the brushes wore out causing the conveyor to slow down, stop and go etc. I ordered new ones online and it was a pretty easy fix.

All good suggestions .
Remove the belt and see if the drive motor is functioning smoothly. If it is then the problem is with the belt

can’t he just pull the drive chain off? and at the same time roll the belt by hand to make sure it moves freely?



Knew it could only be two things. The belt was catching somewhere or the drive shaft wasn’t strong enough for some reason. After checking the belt thoroughly, we moved onto the drive shaft as the drive belt worked as usual. Drive shaft somehow came out of groove. When it would go around it would try to get back in groove but failed. Loosened it via allen wrench, put the grooves back in place, and tightened it back up and was back to 100% thank God. Had a huge day yesterday, one of the best days ever in sales. Fixed just in time and now MLB playoffs upon us. Go Cubs!

Glad you solved your problem.
George Mills

Thanks George and thanks to everyone for chiming in to help rack the brain. Love this site!

That would have been a $400 service call. Go Dodgers! You should be rooting for the Giants. More business for you.