Conveyor Belt Repair

Anyone ever attempt a repair of their conveyor belt chain on a MM360 or similar oven?

I see a complete belt for a WB70 runs around $1000, and there are 1 foot sections available for about $100. I have a belt that is in bad enough shape that it will no longer run through the oven - has a couple of spots that need links replaced that are broken off.

I thought you could purchase repair links. Just cut out the damaged ones and bend in the new. I seem to remember something about that years ago. If not, you could probably source the wire and bend as needed. Ask a metal shop.

The belt isn’t really in “links”. 1 link is a metal wire the width of the belt. The wire is extremely stiff and doesn’t bend - it breaks. That said, there may be some sort of repair kit - but I can’t find it and I’m not sure how it would work - thus my wonder if anyone has done anything like this before.

Hi Guest:

No need to replace the entire belt.

Any competent service company can replace the bad links with new.

George Mills