Conveyor for standard make line hood (48 inches)

The location we signed a lease for has a standard 48" deep make line hood, and I am considering my options between a double or triple stack bakers pride super deck oven (54" by 24" of deck space) or 18" belt conveyor, like the Lincoln 1100 or Edge30 (would likely purchase the lincoln used.)

We are making a detroit inspired pan pizza, and I need the bottom to be crispy (which I hope the 40,000 BTU small conveyor would be capable of.) The problem with the deck is I need an operator and the operator needs to be skilled to know when the bottom of pies are done…I’d imagine the conveyor gets it right every time.

A few questions.

  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for ovens that would work under this standard make-line hood depth? Those are the options I’ve come across so far
  2. During a busy dinner service, would you rather have the triple stack conveyor (Which could probably put out 6, 10x8" pizzas at a time on an 18" belt) or load up the deck oven. I’d imagine the cook time on the conveyor is a little bit shorter also…
  3. Does anyone know where the gas input is on the Lincoln 1100? If it’s on the back, given the oven is 39" deep, I have 3 inches of wiggle room before I break fire code (39" plus 3" = 42", which gives me exactly 6" from the front of the hood.)

Also, can I really get the same crispness and oven spring on the bottom crust as I would in a deck? I’m trying a Lincoln oven on Tuesday, so any recs on how to get the most out of it while I’m testing would be sincerely appreciated!

The edge 30 will work under your hood. 1,2 or 3 decks depending on how much production you want.

Check some of the Dough Doctor’s posts on that subject he explains how best to accomplish that.
George Mills