Conveyor makes deck pizza taste like.......

Anyone tuning in to this, please, please, please help an Italian pizza boy out! I just can’t believe that a conveyor has the possibility to bake a pie as if it were coming from a deck, even with Lloyd’s new Hearth Bake disc. My heart is torn and my keen decision making skills have stalled, what am I thinking? Can a conveyor convey to me what a deck can? Anyone that has experienced both, please explain to me in detail the pros and cons. Yes, even if I read it before, I am begging for more. I am 4 weeks away from making an oven purchase because my sales have stalled and all this talk about sales doubling after installing conveyors is making me crazy! Who’s got the knowledge I seek? :wink:

PS- i am done traveling to test ovens!

I say you make it easy on yourself and let us spin the WHEEL OF CHOICES for you.

The deal is though, whatever it lands on is what you have to buy.

Hello Y,I am also an Italian who had the hard choice of going conveyer.Thank God I did.With the Lloyds screens and the right setting in your conveyer you can produce a very close hearth baked pie.Your best bet is to go to one or some as I did and tried some out that were baked on a conveyer and I was shocked.I am in suburbs of Phila.and your welcome to come take a website is


Hey Goomba,

Love the name! I think i might take you up on your offer. I am about 4 hours away in the suburbs of Long Island.

How long do you bake your regular pie? Sicilian pie? Speciality pies? Heroes? Parms?

If I brought some pizza to bake, would that be futile because your oven is set up for your product?

I appreciate it Goomba, all information about the conveyors will help me make a decision. :smiley:

Most conveyor ovens are impingment, ie us blowing air to bake, like convection but much more air force.

There are several conveyors that are not impingment, CTX by Middleby and Q-matic that I am familiar with.

I have a Q-matic 36W because I thought it would bake more like a deck and is is quiet, compared to the impingment conveyor ovens.
I am pleased with the Q-matic.

I have had great NY style pizza form most conveyor ovens, including the impingement.

The key is to formula your pizza to the oven and like was said in a previous post, get the disk that will produce the pizza you want.
I use anodized 14 gauge disk, preforated at 13%…that means it has abour 80 1/4 inch holes in a 14".

Lloyd makes one for impingment ovens that do well for NY style pizza.
In summary, I think you can make a great “deck” like pizza in almost any conveyor oven.

Y-yo, i switched from decks to conveyors 7 years ago after 3 years with double stack blodgetts. It makes the operation run much smoother. we have a full menu, ie steaks, hoagies, pasta, apps, you name it. a monkey, or for that matter a driver, can remove the pies put in box and cut. I do a NY style pie and bake at 485-500 for 6 minutes. Sicilians we parbake first then finish with the 6 minute run. You’ll figure it out. The only major change we made was switching from hand-tossed to sheeting. The crust was too puffy for me with hand-tossing, sheeting gives a look resembling hand-tossed in a deck, for us anyway. Also, I just use screens. They work well for us. I have tried the hearth bake discs and there wasn’t a noticeable difference in the bake. As far as sales doubling from using conveyors, that’s probably a conveyor company talking. How do you like the “Rotoflex”? i’m installing one in a month or two in my second location.I know it’s going to be alot more work than Lincolns but i want the better bake. Are you looking to sell? if you are i might be interested in using at first store in place of conveyors…Ramsey

Y,your more than welcome to bring your dough and try for sicilians they have to be either steamed 1 st or par-baked.My oven will cook your pie in 6 min.As for heroes they take about a min.and a half,as well as melting mozz.chse.on top of the fries.If you sell many sicilians then you could buy 2 coveyers double stacked and set it up just for sicilians which will probably take about 8 min…


hello Ramsey,where in Philly are you located?I’m up in Lansdale.The Rotoflex is awesome but veryvery expensive.they are 20,000 used.


Hey goomba, I’m in Bridesburg section of philadelphia, right off Betsy Ross bridge(next to port richmond). I actually have a used none already, bought it 8-9 months back from guy near buffalo. 16K 7 year old oven, good shape. What a production taking apart/loading/getting back. 5 1/2 hrs each way trans blew on Vine Street Expwy 15 minutes from home. Paying Rotoflex guy to set oven back up when I’m ready. Nice guy, when I told him about my purchase he knew the oven. This guy bought from him as a demo through Rotoflex. They are VERY hard to find used unless you buy from him because he knows everybody with one.An old boss of mine has a place in Lansdale, Tom Zonios maybe called lansdale piiza or home style pizza. He does in pan. haven’t talked to him in a couple of years though. Sound familiar?..Ramsey

Hey Ramsey,

Thanks for the info. You and I are in the same boat looking for exactly what the other person has already. You in conveyors, me with Rotoflex. I do have a used rotoflex that I had to take out of a store I sold to someone, he failed. It has one viewing window and two working windows. It was installed june of 2003 and I took it out this past December 2006. It is in great condition and it is a four deck, there largest oven. I really do love the oven, it is much easier to use than double decks, pan pizza is a breeze, no more sore shoulders lifting heavy steel pans from the back of an oven and no more rotating pies! Put in, press a timer for a reminder, and let it cook. So conveyors really dont bake well?

otis- thanks for the info. I baked on a q-matic a few years ago and i liked the overall bake. I did notice though, some inconsistencies with the pies when I put one after another, but overall the taste was delicious. :smiley:

Ramsey,yes I know of Lans.Pizza but it is owned by 2 older women it may be her husband though.I had a car once die on Vine st.expressway also what a pain in da a$$.I am originally from South Philly.My place is simular to Primo Hoagies except I have everything stks.,pizza,fries,pasta ect…We just won best of Philly for our hoagies.If your ever up this way come check us out… this site has our hours and address we’re right on rt.309.You near Holmesburg right?


Y-yo, I wouldn’t say bake isn’t good. I would say that in my opinion, there IS a noticeable differnce in the bake. I demoed a Rotoflex, place was 15 minutes away. Put the 2 finished pies in a bag, 20 minutes later pulled out a slice, CRUNCH. That’s what I’m looking for, I may miss the conveyors for their ease of use but you’re not getting that crunch from a conveyor unless it never goes in a box. As far your Rotoflex, I want tog get this 2nd place up before I get too fancy at 1st place. But in a few months if you still have I’ll hit you up.

Goomba, I checked out your site, very nice. Best of Philly even better. That’s what I’m shooting for with Rotoflex baking pies. I was just out that way last Thursday for Eagles training camp. Next time I’ll stop in. We are a few minutes South of Holmesburg.right off I-95 if your nearby

HUGE EAGLES fan in CT here also! (yeah I get alot of abuse from my regulars who are all Giants, Jets, & Pats) I also have a Rotoflex where I previously used everything (Blodgett decks, Garland Air Decks, and Q-Matic conveyors). I bought mine brand new 2 yrs ago and haven’t looked back…conveyors are NOT an option in MY market…the mere sight of them in the Northeast will lose you business
George has some valid points but overall I would definitely do it all over again. Maybe I will stop by when I am in town for a game

That’s what I was afraid of hearing. Well thanks for the info, I am still going to test out PESI’s 3280 oven this Thursday just so that I can put an end to this desire for a conveyor. After talking to them I learned they put together an oven that showcases the best ‘things’ from their competition. I will report back to all about the results.

That is another fear of mine. I was thinking of placing them in the kitchen out of sight with deck ovens in the front to warm slices, calzones, etc. Thanks.

Does anyone here know anybody that uses a PESI oven? Has anyone seen a PESI oven in their life? Do yourself a favor and don’t write off conveyors after testing one brand, especially when that brand is the newest, most unproven, rarest oven in existence. I have a Lincoln X-2 and an XLT while our other stores in town have Middleby 360’s and Middleby 570’s. I would be happy to let you test all of these with a batch of your dough and ingredients. I would bet that you would find the XLT will outperform the PESI oven. BTW for shits and giggles, ask them how many 3280’s they’ve manufactured so far. I’d be surprised if it was more than one or two.

Hey Paul,
Your comments are noted and your experience is welcomed. I wasn’t writing off any conveyors, I just happened to talk to PESI and learned something about their ovens. Have you ever talked to them? They have some interesting key points about their oven. As far as being new, I agree, it may be a little scary but thats how we all start out. I appreciate you giving me an opportunity to try out all your ovens, which I was wondering, why do you have many different ones? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

The store with the MM 360’s is happy with their cook and doesn’t need more capacity. My store and the one with 570’s need the capacity that we gain from the 3 belts. The setup I use with the X-2 on top of an XLT places all three belts at much more comfortable working heights than any triple stack can.

I’m not trying to knock PESI or their ovens, I’m just very confident they will not cook as well as my XLT. I’ve never seen any conveyor cook as well as this oven. I do know Marcus and know he has been selling refubished Middlebys for some time now. Matbe thats’s a good sign, as the guy who designed XLT’s used to sell refurbished Lincolns before manufacturing his first line of ovens.

My offer to test ovens is sincere. An oven purchase is a huge investment and one not to be taken lightly. Here’s an opertunity to test 4 very popular conveyor ovens without an ounce of pressure to buy like you would have at the manufacturers test kitchen.