conveyor on top of deck oven

Does anyone have a conveyor oven sitting on top of a deck oven and if you do, do you have to have an air space or some insulation between the two.

I am sure doing that would negate the warrantee on the conveyor. When I did some store conversions here a while back, we put in a Blodgett GS3240 for pizzas and used the old lincoln Impinger 2s they had for side menus. The Impinger 2s are smaller and fit right on top of the Blodgett with only about 4 inches of the cooking chamber hanging over. Just make sure that the side with the brains is not getting any heat directly from the oven.

At one shop, we had a gas company set up the 2 ovens so the controlls on the top oven were right over the bottom oven entrance, and the circut board on the Lincoln burned out in 3 days.

They fabricated a heat shield for the other shops after that, but within a year 8 of 15 shops had the upper oven go out on them, and none of them were covered by warranty because they had been set up “incorrectly” according to the manufacturer.

I do not see where it will be a problem, as long as there is adequate ventilation. After all, most conveyors are made to be stacked on other conveyors.
I am stacking a smaller deck oven on top of a larger nconveyor oven.
the conveyor oven has a larger foot print than the deck oven, I ran it past the oven companys, both said “no problem”

More common in my experience is a deck on top of a conveyor.