Conveyor or deck oven which is better for del/co

Just wondering which oven would be better for del/co ? a deck oven or conveyor. Also would a space of 24’ X 20’ be big enough for a del/co prep area ? thanks Tony

I have both and they both work, it’s a personal decision.
space is big enough, I am a mobile pizzeria with 8x24…design and ergonomics is the key…get 2 ovens, for a back up, deck and conveyor and you will have best of both world,
Otis, The Pizza Wheel

Thanks Otis for your reply. Hows the black book working out for you? I bought into the pizza partner and I think it is worth it. Tony

We have done floor plans for several thousand successful pizzas carry out and delivery shops. Many table service pizza shops and other foodservice opperations.

1000 sq feet preferably 20 feet wide 50 feet long for the kitchen alone is the least we recommend for a basic pizza operation. Larger if you Have an extended menu.That includes a 50 sq ft rest room and 80 sq ft walk in. Lobby if carry out / delivery prox. 7 ft. X 20 Ft some more very few less
If seating wanted, add as many sq ft as possible and practical for your marketing area. If you have extensive seating go back and add sq ft for a dish washing area to the kitchen, probably larger Walk in
and more dry storage, possible walk in freezer.

Juat about all of our clients use air impingement conveyor ovens. We gave not done a new shop with deck ovens in years.

George Mills

In one of my pizza places we had 12’ x 30’…Our take out area was about a 4’ x 4’ space…There was an exterior door that opened to the 4’ x 4’ space…Opposite the exterior door was an interior door that opened on the top and a small counter on top of the lower portion of the door…

As I recall we did about just under C$8,000 a week (300 deliveries)…Our pickup orders were few and far between because we were not in the best location…But that was by design…We wanted to be mostly a pizza delivery store…

It was cozy but fun most of the time…