Conveyor or traditional double deck oven

I would like to know if it would be better to go from traditional double deck oven to conveyor. What would be better? How would conveyor be better? It is so annoying opening the double deck ovens and rotating pizza’s and closing the doors and going back and forth. If I were to go converyor will my product quality go down.

For the sake of the sanity of the regulars on this board…who have to answer this question time afert time after time… (you get the jist?)…

…there are PLENTY (and I mean PLENTY) of recent threads on this topic. Bearing in mind that this is one (if not THE) most important piece of equipment in your shop I suggest you spend some time looking at the various threads on this board.
You’ll also likely pick up lots of other info while you are doing so.

Any specific questions then feel free!!

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Get the new PMQ magazine, there is a massive article regarding ovens.

We have double deck and I have been considering conveyors. Depending on who you talk to, the quality goes down or it doesn’t. :frowning: I know it didn’t help me either. I think the big difference is with the conveyor once it’s set up, it’s idiot proof. I guess you have to decide as to whether or not the annoance factor is worth the difference in monies. From what I see it takes the same time to cook in either oven.

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Cooking time is not the same as oven capacity. Converors have no “recovery time” My pair of MM can crank out about 200 14" pizzas per hour under ideal circustances. In reality, when we are slammin, about 120 pies (mostly 16") plus wings, bread sticks, mozz sticks, cheesy bread, jala poppers is where we max out. I have never seen a pair of deck ovens of any size that can do this.

On the quality issue, I think it is pretty well settled that if you work at it, you can produce any kind of pizza you want, however you want it. Quallity is up to you, not your oven.

[quote=“Tom Lehmann”]
Combine one of the new generation, high efficiency air impingement ovens with the Lloyd Hearth Bake Disk, and a sugar free dough formula and you have the recipe for a great New York style pizza baked in an air impingement oven.

Tom knows pizza. No question.The above and many other statements Tom has made are to the effect that any pizza can be baked to perfection in all the top grade air impingement conveyor ovens.

I agree

George Mills