Conveyor Oven airflow issue


I’m having a weird problem with my Lincoln Impinger 1100 (it’s an old one, pre-1990). The over has 4 fingers on the top and 4 on the bottom. My configuration is all fingers open on the bottom and the top is half-closed-closed-half. The issue I’m having is that there is almost no airflow to my second last finger on the bottom and significantly decreased airflow to the last finger on the bottom, but that last finger has much more flow than the second last finger. I swapped each finger with the other two on the bottom that I knew worked to eliminate it being a finger problem. Same problem, no airflow (or very little) in the last two fingers. There are no baffles that I can see at the back of the oven and nothing seems to be blocked. I’m very confused, all other fingers have a good deal of air flow except those last two. As far as I can see it’s just one fan blowing all the air to all the fingers and the fan is spinning fine, I didn’t see any damage to the oven in the back but I also didn’t take it apart yet, was hoping maybe someone had a solution or a starting point before I got that deep into it.

Thanks for the help,