Conveyor Oven/Cut Table/Staging Optimal Layout

Looking for my conveyor people to help me with the optimal location of a double stack in relation to a cut table. Obviously we want minimal distance from one to another and then some room for staging for deliveries so I was just wondering if anybody has come up with the ideal location…we have a pretty big area to work with so space should not be a problem.

My MM 360 is up against the wall with the cut table 5 inches behind the bottom conveyor. We keep it simple. Phones are in the back as far away from the customers as possible.

Thanks for the reply Joe…so your cut table is 5 inches to the left or the right of the end of your belt? I was thinking of butting mine flush to it but it could get tricky with double stack so I guess I do need some gap space.
Curious as to phones in back…my phone girls also double as counter so that was never an option but I understand how that helps with noise and distractions.
Do you do slices?

Contact George Mills on here he does layouts

I have worked with multiple types of layouts, and after all these years i still think the best layout, has the makeline and oven running parralel to each other with the cut table in front of the ovens (ie you have to turn around to grab a pie and put it on the table).

This makes it so when it is slower during the day, from the makeline you can see the oven, and from the dough table you are right next to the cut table. You can see everything coming out of the oven.

This setup also allows flow between the makeline and across the cut table for numerous reasons.

This is the setup we use also. If you want to know how be operationally efficient in a pizza kitchen just check out how Dominoes does things. Pizza may be bad but those guys know how to dish out the most product with the least amount of energy. I have set up all of my stores kitchens just like their basic layout.

This is interesting. Would love to take a gander of a layout if you have a PDF?

Our layout is a straight line from dough station through makeline. It is 20 feet long (2 six foot steel tables, eight foot True make table)

From the end of the makeline, you turn about 100 degrees and load into oven which runs away from the make line. We take pies off the conveyor when they come out and turn around to put them on the cut table. Cut table has a two shelf warming station built in that faces the driver station. In front of the cut table (away from the oven) is the front counter and phone stations. We can easily have 8 people working in the kitchen without bumping into each other and the drivers come and go without ever crossing the paths in the kitchen.

Here is our basic layout, although I only have 1 store this actually laid out this way. One of our stores has an angled oven which also works well but is does take up more space. Another store has the cut table turned sideways and butted up against the conveyor oven. This set up works well for a single oven puller system. If you need 2 people on the oven the setup with the space works much better.

Pizza Pirate, in your layout you have a table marked dough. Is that where you open the dough for the pizzas or where you scale and ball them?

Yes, open the dough for pizza. The scaling is done in the back of the store.

We usually position the cut table a few inches behind the bottom conveyor. The product comes out of the ovens and is placed directly on the cut table.
George Mills

it’s been a busy week: Sun broke down old Rotoflex, Mon moved hood to outer wall, Tues moved gas line & electric, Weds fixed grid & drop ceiling and POS cables, Thurs back open, Fri NEW EDGE DOUBLE STACK WIDEBODY KICKED BUTT
Thanks for you help…here is a pic of the results

Hi George, would you mind showing in a simple drawing what you mean? I saw the floorplan.pdf on your site and it looks similar to pizzapirates pdf.

I am personally looking for a space saving solution for a small 6-8 table, take out and delivery store.

I like the oven and makeline im an L shape with the end of the make line next to start of oven then tue cut table in front of ovens. You grab a pie off the belt and turn 180 to the cut table with the front of the cut table facing customers so when yiu are standing behind cutting pies you face customers. This way if you are in the store alone you rarely have your back to the door for security reasons. Also id a walk in comes in you can easily greet them while cutting pies.