Conveyor oven finger placement and style of pizzas made

So I currently have am selling New York style pizza but I would like to add a deep dish pizza. I am wondering if anyone can share their setup with the fingers setup they have, cook time and temp? I have been reading many of the archives on this topic and they seem to be pointing to full open bottom and top is open closed open closed. at about 450 for 7 minutes but this seems to be mainly for New York style I currently am using a different setup that does not work for deep dish as it comes out doughy. I have several extra fingers for my oven one of which is the 1530/1531 combo that seems very odd to me does anyone know what this is normally used for?

Have you tried cooking the pans longer instead of changing your finger setup ? Maybe another half run or even full run ? Or i know some half back the pans then put toppings on and then put them back thru a full run.