Conveyor Oven Hotter on one side

I have double stack XLT 3240’s and I love the ovens. The problem is the side closest to the sandwich door (Furthest away from the burner) cooks slower than the other side. If I put 2 16" pizzas in the oven at the same time, the pizza closest to the burner is perfect and the outside pizza needs to be put in for 30 seconds to a minute longer. Is that usual? I have the 1st 2 fingers on the top closed and the last finger on the top open. All fingers on the bottom are open. Let me know if there is anyway to fix this problem.

We have edges 32s and we cannot put the pizzas side by side, they must be staggered at 16". Do you have this same problem with 14" side by side?

Talk to sparrowspizza in this forum. He had a similar situation. This is the link to his post Lincoln 1000 cooks hot in the back

If we run 2 14" side by side, the one further still cooks at a different temp.

Thanks for the heads up, I will message sparrow and see if he can help.

I have used a thermometer and the it is around 30 degree difference in temp.

This is a problem with XLT. I have 8 of them and they all have this problem. They have a finger redesign which is supposed to help and does to a point. Personally I actually don’t mind the problem as it gives you 2 different baking temps. One side for heavy topped pizzas, the other side for sides items and cheese pizzas. If you call XLT they will sell you the new fingers

Thanks, I did call them a few weeks ago and said they had never encountered this problem, which is very surprising after reading your response. Do you know what they call the type of fingers that I would need to get?

The finger to fix it has more holes on the colder side and less on the hot side. I’d try calling again. It might not be a problem with new ovens but certainly was a problem with ovens over 5 years old as all mine are

I wonder if carbon build up could be impacting your bake consistency. If you’re consistently running items through one part of the oven it’s naturally going to have more carbon build up. Next time you clean your ovens I’d check to see if you’re getting a more consistent bake. If you are, then you found your problem.

Good luck!

I just got a brand new 3240 triple
Having this exact issue and been racking my brain trying to figure it out as xlt has been playing the same story. Can you reach out to me and let me know the finger number stamped on the end of yours? I wanna get to the bottom of this ASAP

Did you end up getting this resolved?
What did you do?
Any help would be great! I’m sitting on 70k of oven after install and it’s not cooking right and I feel like I’m getting the run around