Conveyor Oven Not Working

I have a middleby marshall conveyor oven and the top conveyor power went out i have look at the fuses and all of them are good but still will not turn on. Please help?

May sound stupid but did a fuse blow in your outlet, like a GFI plug? Also, something else that could be dumb, is it completly connected to the back of your oven? Sometimes my plug comes slightly loose even though it looks like it’s plugged in (I have Lincoln’s and Edges so I’m not familiar with Middleby’s whatsoever

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yes I did check the fuse breaker to see if it tripped but it had not. We also checked all of the plugs on the back, the conveyor was working and then it stopped so i removed the cover by the moter and noticed that the chain had got stock. So i fixed the chain, but somehow when the chain got stuck the power went out and will not come back on.

IDK? Is there a “motor reset switch”?

H Conveyor Motor Test
1 Disconnect the gear motor wires from the Speed Con- troller terminals (-ARM and +ARM)
2 Remove the brush retainer caps from the gear motor DO NOT remove the brushes
3 Set the multimeter to the lowest Ohm scale Then, place one meter probe on each brush retaining plate BE SURE THAT NEITHER PROBE TOUCHES THE MOTOR CASING
4 Using a 5/16 open-end wrench, very slowly rotate the motor pickup shaft while observing the multimeter Dur- ing a 1/2 rotation:
The Ohm reading should stay betweeen 3-5‡
There should NEVER be a complete short
There should never be a high Ohm reading
If the motor fails any of these tests, replace the motor

Thank you i will try that.

You may need a new conveyor drive motor.

George Mills

Is that the speed sensor board that is located behind the front panel.

What model oven?

When you say the top conveyor power went out - what do you mean? Does it have a digital time display or just thumbwheel numbers?

Did you check the actual on/off switch in the panel?

I have the digital display and it is a Middleby Marshall Oven. So it was working and the chain got jammed and it killed the power to the conveyor. The blower and the heat switch work but the conveyor switch does not have any power. I had a electrician check to see if the motor had power and it does he said maybe the speed senor board might have went out. Does that sound right?

Not really - sorry to ask, but what does “the motor had power” mean?

If the conveyor switch doesn’t have any power then that’s a different problem, but I don’t think that is what you really mean.

When you turn the conveyor on, does the digital display show the time? If it does, does it change to “ERR” a few seconds later?

Have someone look at the round magnet on top of the motor. Turn the conveyor switch on. Does the magnet spin for a few seconds and then stop?

Ok i meant the conveyor used to work before the chain got jammed. So now when i turn the switch i don’t get any power to the conveyor at all no lights and the magnet does not spin.

Not an expert, but I would agree with @George Mills that you probably need a new motor.

Doubtful that the motor is bad.

  1. Verify that the motor controller (inside the control cabinet) is getting 120v AC when the conveyor switch is on.

  2. If it is, then the motor controller is bad.

  3. If it isn’t, the switch is bad.

Thank You will check.

I think some middleby ovens have a fuse block in the control cabinet. Did you check those fuses with a meter?