conveyor oven people.Do you use screens or pans?

Place that is leaving uses screens for pies and pans for the trays.
Wanted to see what you guys were using.I personally like the way their pans taste.
Also if it was the same,I used to use a light brushing of cornmeal on the bottom,but would be kind of hard w/ a screen.

-Also what are the differences between screens and the similar ones with the marble size openings?
Thanks as always.

anyone? :frowning:

Re: conveyor oven people. Do you use screens or pans?

We use pans. I tend to like the pans that are perforated on the bottom, however we have a couple of stores that use the solid bottom ones.

i use both pans with and without holes. its my belief that a conveyor oven cooks pizzas better using a dough that is risen for a while on a pan… especially if you are cookung fast. dough tends to stick on the screens if you try to leave it on long enough to raise like i do. dominos and pj put their dough on screens and throw it right in the oven and it leaves way too much of a gummy layer for me.

We use fine mesh bottom screens with our Middleby conveyor and cook great crispy bottom pizzas.

Once a fortnight we very lightly bush on oil to the screens to eliminate the chance of sticking.

We have our oven set at 7 minutes at 252 degrees celsius.

We roll out our bases between 3.30pm and 4 pm for commencement of cooking from 5 pm. The bases are placed on racks and rise nicely, always cooking up with a crisp but chewy base.

Haven’t used the screen with the large holes as I inherited the mesh screens when I took over the shop and have continued with them (If it ain’t broken then don’t fix it).


wa dave writes:

Once a fortnight we very lightly bush on oil to the screens to eliminate the chance of sticking.

What the Hell is a fortnight? You OZ’s kill me with the lango.

I use screens. The gummy layer you’re talking about GT is because they’re trying to cook them too quickly. The ovens cook the exterior of the pizza but are not in the baking chamber long enough to cook all the way through. When I first started with Domino’s the ovens were set at 8 minutes. As the years passed the times got faster until they started trying to get the pizzas baked at 5:30 (which causes that nasty gummy layer). Slow the times and lower your temps accordingly as each oven is different. I’m 6:30 @ 480 degrees.

Most screens come seasoned directly from the manufacturer. If not, spray them with some Pam or pan spray and run them through the oven a few times. This will stop your sticking problem.

Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

We have found that there is a very significant difference in the brust bake between screens and baking disks. The screens give a very uniform color to the bottom of the crust and it is somewhat more difficult to get a really crispy crust using the screens. With the baking disks, you will get an overall darker crust color with a crispier texture all things equal. More recently, we have been experimenting with baking disks having larger size holes in a more randon pattern. This has allowed us to achieve a more blistered appearing bottom crust appearance with an overall darker color which coloely resenbles the bottom bake of a New York style pizza. We are still working on this baking disk as I write this, but we hope to have our testing completed very soon so these disks might be available as a stock item soon from AKA
Additionally, disks are nearly indestructable whereas the screens are very easily damaged, also keep in mind that the screens need to be seasoned before use, and the disks just need to be washed before being put into service.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

quote=“j_r0kk”]wa dave writes:

Once a fortnight we very lightly bush on oil to the screens to eliminate the chance of sticking.

What the Hell is a fortnight? You OZ’s kill me with the lango.


PM and I’ll send you a dictonary on aussie lingo so you can interpret my messages :smiley:

A fortnight is 2 weeks or fourteen days/nights ie fort (old english spelling for fourteen and night - self explanatory)

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