Conveyor oven temperature

Whats the best temperature to be set on conveyor oven

Can you be a little more specific. What are you looking to do. There’s not really a “best” temperature. It’s what ever will get you the finished product looking and cooking the way you want it.

The answer to your questions is “It depends”.

The only way to tell is to try. Something to remember, time cooks and temperature browns.

I have chosen to run my ovens at 465 degrees with a time of 8 minutes and 40 seconds. Yes it takes longer to get the pizza to the customer but the flavor is much better.

Will fix the temperature.
I hope pizza will turn brown this time

You should also look at the time. Sometimes adjusting the temperature is not the answer.

Use an instant read thermometer in the crust as soon as the first edge comes out of the oven. You want the internal temperature of the crust to be between 205 degrees F and 209 degrees F. Adjust your time and temperature until you consistently hit this range.

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Finger profile also matters. In Daddios application I would guess his finger profile is all open on the bottom and mostly closed on top. If you can provide your finger profile you’d probably get some better answers, along with your oven type

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Pizza temperature reach 206 f with temperature 242 and belt 8.40
But still the base is not brown.
Is mostly conveyor oven pizzas little white from the underneath

My oven is set to 510 degrees F.

You’re baking at too low of a temp

We need to know a few things first.

  1. Are you using one of the Caputo “00” flours?
  2. Is your flour malted?
  3. Do you have sugar in your dough formula, if so, how much?
  4. What is your baking platform (screen, pan, disk, etc.?
  5. What is the color of your baking platform?
  6. What is the brand and model/size of your oven and do you know what the finger profile is?
    These are all very important questions in determining why you are having a problem getting your crusts to develop color.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
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I am in Australia And we use centurian 00 flour.our Flour not malted
We use salt, sugar, oil,fresh yeast in mixing the dough.
We use fresh yeast for making dough.
Flour its 12.5 kg bag.100%
Sugar1.06 % 135 gm
Salt 1.06 % 135 gm
Oil 1%
Fresh yeast 1.6 %
Water 57%
1 dough ball 360 gm
We use disks( old style aluminum pizza trays for baking pizzas in the oven)
We have middle by marshal oven its double stacker oven. Its a very old oven i can recheck invoice for the oven model.
I have no idea about finger profile as only service people come and fix if any trouble come up in the oven.

When we bake the pizzas it comes slightly brown (i can say its whitish brown but not dark brown)from the top and white with little brown patches on the base

The Caputo flour is what’s causing the problem. It’s not intended for baking at temperatures below 399 to 426C. From a flour stand point you would be much better served using an Australian bread type flour that has been malted. Lacking that, increase the sugar to 4% and double the salt. You didn’t provide any information on the color of the baking platform so I am forced to assume that it is a bright color/not seasoned. To correct this you will need to season the pans. Do this by using any low cost salad oil to wipe the OUTSIDE of each pan, then set the oven temperature to 400F/204C and the tome to 15-minutes. place the pans on the conveyor inverted. Pass the pans through the oven twice, then apply more oil and twice more, this should give the pans an amber to dark color which will continue to darken with each use (this is what you want). DO NOT wash the seasoned pans, just wipe them out using a clean towel.
Note: The seasoning process WILL make some smoke so have your ventilation turned on.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Everything going fine.
But it takes very ling for the dough to rise.
Do i need to increase yeast (fresh) as 2% as well.