Conveyor ovens and other baking needs / Chieftain / Castelli

As conveyor ovens seem so popular, I’m curious as to whether those who use these have no other baking needs (eg roasting chicken, prepping some toppings, bread etc), or do you have a regular oven as well?

Also, anyone using Chieftain ovens? Nothing shows in search…

Also, can’t find anything about Castelli ovens in the search either - anyone using these?

We bake our wings in our MM 360’s, then finish/fry to order…have baked lasagna b4…we cook chicken tenders for pizza toppings…finish ribs…bake sub rolls…

Hi PizzaJunior

A conveyor oven can cook anything that will pass through the conveyor opening.

Red lobster does sea food , many operators do ribs, steaks and hamburgers can be done.

If an operator has a product on his menu that will not pass through the conveyor opening, obviously they would have to have a different type of oven in addition to the conveyor. Or they could be purchasing items like bread from others.

We often put a deck oven on top of a set of conveyor ovens for those who wish to produce the taller products or visa versa.

George mills

We run a single XLT oven and run our 3 styles of pizzas. We also bake off our sub and burger buns ( they are par-baked and we finish ), we run our chicken pot pie through to bake off the puff pastry cap we use. We will also bake off the chicken used in our pizza, pastas and salads. We’ve been known to finish off a pork chop or a steak on a busy night…as well as our lasagna and cottage pies.

As George said…if it fits in the opening…it’ll bake just fine!

(Oh yeah…and chocolate chip cookies too, but my wife doesn’t know about them so shhhhh)

Patriot- Could you share how you make the sub rolls in the oven?

wow I see. In hindsight now, my question looks silly! So basically you can cook anything, by adjusting the belt speed I assume. And as long as it fits. But for those who are doing a lot of different menu items apart from pizzas, like seafood etc, I suppose you have to constantly adjust the speed?

In most cases the operators do not fiddle with belt speeds or temperatures.If a shop is doing a vast array of items they may have a triple stack of ovens with one set up to do specialty products. Another option is to have one oven with a split belt wit the conveyor moving at two different speeds. There is also the option of inserting various products at varying points through the sandwich window. Then there is all ways the option of putting an item through the oven twice.
George Mills

George is right on, as usual. But, we’re still paying down our opening debt so a single XLT 3255 is all we run. We have found ways to make it work. Pizza is always 465 at 6:15-6:30 so we have to adapt the other stuff. For the chicken pot pies with puff pastry it means facing the blast furnace and removing them half-way through else the puff pastry is too puffed to fit through the exit. Lasagna goes all the way through at 465 no problem, same with steaks, chicken breast, and chops. The par-baked buns we run off in the morning during prep and run ours at 375 for 9:10 so that’s the only adjustment we have to make. btw…Icelandic has a great baked cod we just picked up…run it in on a sprayed pan, flip it over, run a 2nd time and it’s beautiful. Lent is coming, thought it might help ya’ll out.

For those contemplating doing multiple product in the XLT oven I can arrange to have one or more decks built with a 1 inch larger entrance space above the conveyor belt.

Often I am asked about my pricing as compared th a factory direct sale. I usually offer a better price than the factory. If I could not why be a dealer?

George Mills

Texas…we’ve used straight pizza dough for sub rolls & buns, but find it a bit too heavy & the proof time is too long…I have a proofer, but rarely use it…

I currently use/prefer a French bread (from Sam’s) I defrost it over night…quarter it & roll out to 12" & floor proof in a metal cabinet…we slit the top, spritz it w/H2O & top it w/some of our PizzaSpice…350/15 minutes…we also use sub forms, on a sheet tray…