conveyor ovens,gas or electric?What are the differences?

As stated above,looking to find out the differences between the two.How do they cook the pizza differently?Also is the taste the same.

The biggest difference in my opinion is cost. In the beginning you’ll find the electric ovens cheaper in the start-up phase. However, you’ll find that once your store’s running the electric bills are more expensive. I ran one store with electric Lincoln Impingers and the electric bill is constantly in the $800-$1000 range (1200 square feet).

Gas ovens are a little more money but I’ve got a store around the same square footage and my electric bill has been averaging about $350 and gas about $250.

As far as final bake, I really don’t see too much of a difference. If anything I’d say the gas ovens cook a little better. -J_r0kk

Thanks for the info.How do you like the L.I’s?Do you have a full size one(5-7 ft conveyor)or a tabletop one.I was thinking about a Blodgett but still not sure.

The electric is a double stack of the small Lincoln 1100 series ovens with the 18" belts (Can handle around 50 pies/hour filling both stacks to capacity and sit on the floor like regular ovens). The gas ovens are double stacked Lincoln 1400 series ovens. They’re a wider belt of 32" with a 40" chamber and can handle just as much as Middleby Marshall 360-Q’s. Now the 1400’s… AWESOME ovens! Fantastic Bake! -J_r0kk