Conveyor Ovens: Output per hour


I am sure it has been discussed before, but is there a website or spreadsheet/formula to calculate how many pizzas you can cook in your conveyor oven per hour based on time?


I know the XLT site has that info listed, I’d be surprised if the other mainline companies did not as well.

I am awaiting the arrival of my new set of Edge 60 ovens I bought through George Mills. Here is the link to their baking capacity chart

You may find this helpful

Thanks Joker, exactly what I was searching for much appreciated.!

Good tool for comparing one oven to another… not so realistic for estimating real output of ovens. Actual output after running other items through oven (wings, bread sticks… ??), larger pie sizes and less than optimal spacing by employees during a rush is likely somewhat more than half the rated output. i.e. if you think you will need to produce 120 pies per hour at peak, you better get ovens that are rated close to 200.

Also have a close look at cook time as that is a key variable in these ratings. Depending on your recipe, you may or may not achieve whatever cook time is used as an assumption by the oven manufacturer.

Hi Al

The equation for determining maximum possible pizza production is as follows

Bake chamber length Times bake chamber width divided by pie size squared multiplied by 60 minutes divided by bake time.

George Mills