Conveyor Owners...

We’ve always ‘docked’ our dough, as that is the way I (sorta) learned after previously using a sheeter…

Do you ‘dock’ your dough?

Or if properly proofed, to you just toss & top? If so, hows the bubble situation?

We’ve seemed to find that our method of ‘aged’ dough and good floor proofing, we can forgo the docking & get a bit better rise…


We dock, but stay off the “rim” to get a nice edge. The new ultra-thin we’re rolling out is un-docked. Folks around here actually LIKE the bubbles it seems. I’m more than happy to oblige believe me, more sales for me…less for Monical’s!

You’re “spot on” Patriot! If you have done a good job of managing your dough, I can’t think of any good excuses for needing to dock the dough.
With that said, I do like to have a docker handy just in case I get caught short on dough ready to go. With the docker, I can pull dough from the cooler, or take it to the prep table a little before its actually ready to go, dock it well, and live with the few bubbles that I get. Without the docker handy, all the bubbles really create a mess and ruin the whole presentation.Of coures, if your dough doesn’t bubble, and you want to dock the dough just for the appearance, there is nothing wrong with that either, just don’t get too carried away with your docking or you will reduce the volume/height of your finished crust.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor