Conveyor pizza oven

Hello PQM,
I’m in the process of opening a pizza shop and was to know if anyone had suggestions on conveyor pizza ovens. I’ve been doing some research and XLT is the brand that i have decided on. I plan to have a dual deck electric system, because to run the gas lines to the location is ridiculously expensive. Also i plan to buy them used so if anyone has any advice as to how old they should be or what to look out for and or avoid i would greatly appreciate it. Also any online or Florida sources where i might obtain a used one.

Mr. George Mills i’m told you are the man to ask about this.


I just placed an order with George Mills this afternoon for a double stack of Edge60 ovens.

I recall an expert in the industry saying any of the top three manufacturers will give you a great bake so you pick the one you find the most appealing.

Have you done any testing on an electric oven?..It is my recollection that they do not cook as consistently and or do the volume gas does…Also, they are much more costly to operate…I think there are lots of past posts on this subject in the archives…

I’ve owned several older used CTX ovens over the years, and have been quite happy with the bake, tho, as used equipment goes, can be pricey to repair (my only complaint)…

That said, it takes a bit of power to run those mosters & that must be considered too, not only the monthly cost, but the install/eletric cost…

With 3 phase power, the monthly bill wasn’t too bad, maybe a $100+ more per month over NG…

Hi Will:

Used XLT Or Edge Ovens are hard to find. Electric XLT ovens are very rare not many have been sold.

Most of the used ovens on the market are cast offs from the major chains and XLT and edge are some of the models they switched to. Older model Middlebys and Lincolns are what they got rid of so there are lots of them out there, but few are electric.

The comments seen above are correct in that electric ovens are more costly to operate and do not bake as well as gas ovens.

I will do a search for you and see if I can find what you want.

George Mills

Thanks Daddio, Did you go gas or electric?

Thanks for your advise Royce. The reason im going with electric is that the location im getting does not currently have a gas connection in the building, so they would have to dig up across the street to get a line to my store. That’s far to expensive for my build out budget.


Thanks Semper,
I will try to get a 220 model in that case. Because running a gas line to my current location is just way out of my budget.


Thanks for the info George. I would have definitely preferred to go with a gas oven. Unfortunately my location does not have a gas line in it, so i would have to spend a crazy amount of money on digging and repaving a street just to get a gas line. I do plan to do it in the future but first i need the cash flow. All my budget is on construction and equipment.
I really appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Did you investigate propane? It cost me several thousand dollars for the breakers, the new box & the wiring the for the last electric ovn i installed…

Has the gas company actually said they expect you to pay the cost of running the supply line? When we switched from propane to natural gas they ran about 125 foot underground and did not charge us for it. They connected us and a Chinese place on the same run and their analysis of our anticipated usage justified the cost.

If you do end up running gas I have access to a good low mileage set of lincolns that need to be sold off at some point. They are currently set up for NG but I have all the springs and orifices, (orifi?) to convert to propane but you would need a person that knows what they are doing to set it up.


I bought gas ovens. As many others have said, it is cheaper and more efficient that electricity.

Rick Thank you so much for your input. Because of your post i went straight to the gas company and met with them today. They said that they would do everything for free. The contractor that i HAD(fired now) said it would cost about 30k to install. The only problem is that they’re estimating about 60 for permitting to go through, but i guess its worth the wait.

Thanks Again.

Thanks Semper, but i’m able to go with gas now. Do you know if you can use propane with a gas stove?


Hello George,
I was able to get the gas company to install the gas line for free!!! So now this does change the situation. I am still very interested in a XLT or Edge oven. Please let me know if this would be easier.

Thanks again!

From what I understand, there’s not a bigdifference between propane & NG equipment, as you can generally but conversion kits to change the orafices etc…not super expensive, but can be cost effective…

NG runs at a lower pressure so you need lighter springs in regulators and larger orifices to pass enough volume at these lower pressures. I switched my Lincolns over from propane to NG and it took about 30 minutes each oven using the kit that Lincoln has for making this change. I have been in them several times so I was ready for what I needed to do, I also got a good pre-job briefing from an oven repair guy that specializes in these ovens and had a licensed guy on hand in case I had issues. Check with your stove manufacturer to see if they make a kit to change it over, you will want a technician to do the change because you will be needing to set up gas pressure out of regulators which requires a manometer.

Make sure you have a competent gas guy design your layout and have him include enough capacity to handle any future demand. In our system we were initially set up on propane so the supply line is smaller than would have been for NG. Instead of increasing the pipe size, we are running individual regulators on the drop to each component. That allows the gas in the supply header to be set at higher pressure which in turn gives me more available capacity. I can add equipment to use almost twice as much as I use now without any upgrades other than to tap into the pipe.


Thanks Rick

Thats great that the gas company will service you.

I am shure that the edge ovens would be great for you.

You Will have toselect what model to use as there are varing production capacities.

If you wish I will send you a production capacity chart.

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George Mills